Bore da

Just watched the first programme which got of to a good start. The two preseners Elin Llwyd and Alun Williams are very clear in their speech which they they slow down for learners.
One great feature of the show is that you can send in an advert or video to the series of ourselves promoting groups/meetups. I’ll be chatting to Gavin, next week, about making one for our Rochester group…To find out how check out the link 34 minutes in:

i would like to be camera man for that but unfortunately can not make your next months meeting.
cheers J.P.

Derby Welsh Learners Circle are on S4C’s Bore Da this coming Sunday. 15.3.15

Jonathan Simcock has just give us this Facebook heads-up on his very successful group on this weeks show.

There was a little fore-taste of the Derby group on Heno last night. Derby has been an inspiration to many of the SSIW ones. They celebrate ten years. It starts 10 minutes in.


The full Derby segment is now up - two minutes in…There’s a lot going on in this successful group.

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It’s unfortunate that the vast majority of S4C content is not available outside the UK; it would be so helpful for learners outside the UK (like me!). I understand that there are issues with copyright, but it seems that that would more apply to commercial programming (like popular BBC shows such as Downton Abbey). But with Welsh-language content, who in the world is trying to get exclusive broadcast rights in, say, the U.S.? No one. S4C should at least make its non-commercial content (news, etc.) available world-wide.

I openly offered to S4C and BBC through twitter to pay subscription like people in UK do if neccessary but all remained quiet … silence it is. :slight_smile:

I would also be more than happy to pay for access. I know with BBC, they cannot allow access in the US because they have signed over the rights to all BBC shows for the US to one company (called Acorn, I think). But as I said, I doubt anyone has any intention of commercially broadcasting Welsh language content in the U.S. (or Slovenija!), so I don’t see why they don’t allow it. It also involves little or no cost to S4C.

To my knowledge I’m the only one who actually learns Cymraeg in Slovenia so it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY one would even considder having exclusive rights here. People don’t even know how the language sounds and (sadly) they’re not interested in learning it at all. So, yes, at least we could have online access to the shows which are significent for the language and could be in high help to learners abroad aswell.

Haha, but, interesting enough, clicking on one of previous links I could watch THE COMMERCIAL! Can you believe it and it was in Cymraeg! But then … the beauty of broadcast ended. :frowning:

For better or worse, it seems that a fair amount (maybe all of it by now) of the public funding for S4C actually comes out of the BBC licence fee these days.

So it’s all rather complicatedly mixed up, and with a political element to add to the “fun”.

I don’t think that’s actually how S4C was originally set up, or how it was intended to be, but that’s how it is (or how it seems to be) now.

Um, well, receiving some money should never be complicated and if we’re prepared to pay some fee to watch things …

Yah, political element is almost always added to the fun in such cases.