Bootcamp - June 2014

Booking is open for the June bootcamp, which runs from 4pm Sunday 22nd of June to 10am Sunday 29th June.

Please note, this bootcamp runs Sunday to Sunday, and will include a visit to Llandysul’s famous “Gwyl Wledig” on the Saturday.

Cost is £260.

Here is the link for booking:

There is currently 1 place remaining.

Please remember the following bootcamp conditions:

  1. Bootcamp payments are, generally speaking, not refundable. Your money will, of course be refunded in full if we cancel the bootcamp, but if you pull out, we reserve the right not to return anything. This is especially true if you pull out close to the date, making it difficult to fill your place. Please make sure that you are definitely wanting to come on bootcamp, and please take out holiday insurance (yes, this is a holiday!) to cover your costs in the event of a change of circumstance.

  2. No language except Welsh is allowed during bootcamp. There is a time for orientation at the start and an introduction in English, so that we all start on the same page, but after that you will not speak English (or any language other than Welsh) until the following Saturday.

  3. Bootcamp is for people who have completed the material in course 1, including the vocab lessons. If you are a non-SSiWer, then please do lesson 25 (south) or 26 (north), and vocab unit 10, and if you can’t keep up, then fly through the course to give yourself a chance at bootcamp.

  4. Bootcamp is one of the most frightening, rewarding, tiring, exhilirating experiences you will ever take part in. If you throw yourself in, you will end the week as a Welsh speaker. If you are half hearted, you will probably not enjoy the experience, and you certainly won’t get the most out of it. Please be committed!!!

  5. That’s all sounded a bit serious… Bootcamp is a holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales (and thus, the world). You will spend a week with lovely people, visiting lovely places, and doing interesting things. You will have fun, and go home with beautiful memories that will last you a life time, and firm friendships that will take your Welsh to a new level. Come on holiday, and go home a Welsh speaker - how’s that for a bargain!!! - See more at:

Current bootcampers are introducing themselves at: Feel free to join in!

Huh - are we still in danger of not having a full six people in June?

Or is it that the maximum is ten, so seven have signed up but there are still three potential places left.

I went to the last one in April and I am so tempted to go again. …

But Iestyn might object to me killing off another well-loved children’s character, so someone get in there and take the places quickly!

hectorgrey wrote: Huh - are we still in danger of not having a full six people in June?

Seven have signed up, and there’s 3 places left from the 10 places available!
Me, you (hectorgrey), Margaret (margaretnock) and Amy (Amy J) are also going. I think Ros (toulouse2) mentioned that she was going and Dee said she might be stopping by to say hello in the week. Well, I count 5 there, so who are the other 2?? :thought_balloon:

Ooh, sorry for allowing suspense to build here! There are enough people coming, there will be a bootcamp, and I am sending out emails to you all even as I write. Hopefully everone else can pop in here and introduce themselves as well. Let’s see…

Hello everybody,

I’m coming too! I’m not really used to contributing to forums - and if I’m honest, I find it rather difficult to navigate them - but I thought I should just say hi.

I’ll try and keep up…

By the way, when making my plans, I failed to notice that bootcamp both starts and finishes on a Sunday. Since the nearest train station is in Aberystwyth, and since there are no busses in the area on a Sunday, I was wondering if anyone would mind giving me a lift for the last little bit of the journey?

Iestyn wrote: There are enough people coming, there will be a bootcamp, and I am sending out emails to you all even as I write.

Did you send the emails out Iestyn? I keep checking my inbox and can’t find anything…

I have, yes, Gav, and you’re address is definitely on there. Is it in your spam folder (possible, because it was sent to 8 bcc addresses, which might be enough for your filter to decide to weed it out).

I’ll send again, though!


Hope you all have an amazing time :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m one of the unknowns so thought I should say hello. Er, shwmae.! I’ll be driving from Cardiff on the Sunday and am happy to pick anyone up on the way if needed so if I can help please let me know. Having got Iestyns mail I guess it’s brought home that the week is actually happening.!!! Am I allowed to be properly scared now…!!! Really looking forward to it, no idea what to expect but looking forward to meeting you all. Hwyl, Huw

Hi everyone,
Can’t believe it’s only a week until bootcamp! Very nervous now, but excited to meet everyone and speak lots of Welsh. See you all soon, Rosie :slight_smile:

Nervous is the word I was thinking of too!
I see from earlier posts there was mention of an email from Iestyn? Does that give more information than available from FAQs?
I guess you are all sorted on your travel arrangements but I will be driving via Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth if anyone is still trying to tie up loose ends on getting from Aber to Tresaith.
Not long now… David

I’ve been playing “this time next week I’ll be…” all week, and it just gets better and better :slight_smile:

Wyth diwrnod i fynd!
Mae’n mynd yn gyffrous nawr, yndefe!

Hi David. I’ve sent you an email!

I’m sorry, I hadn’t spotted your booking, which was since I sent the emails.

Anyway - nervous is allowed, but not encouraged. You’re going on holiday to a country where the locals don’t speak English. But it’s not “shout and gesticulate” territory, because you have already learnt loads of the local language.

It’ll be great fun!


PS I’m really looking forward to it as well…

Am I right in thinking there are 9 of us now? I count Gavin, Ros (Toulouse2), Amy, Hector, David, Rosie, Huw, Margaret and me.

That’s a good number!

You’re right that there’s 9 - one more place available, and that is possibly the last bootcamp space of 2014 (there’s someone interested in the last Spetember place…).

But Ros isn’t staying - she’s just very kindly volunteered to prepare dinner for us on the Sunday. Any nature lovers will be very pleased to have the company of Rambling John who will also be with us.

9 is a great number - plenty to do stuff and work ion differnt groups, not so many that we can’t fit into places or cause problems…

Nearly started an argument with airport security about whether Wales counted as a country for the purposes of filling in my “exit” card. Apparently they were looking for “UK”. Hmmm… ah well, bootcamp is really really soon! :slight_smile:

Amy J wrote: Nearly started an argument with airport security about whether Wales counted as a country for the purposes of filling in my “exit” card. Apparently they were looking for “UK”.

Ie… Wales is not quite independent just yet, but if Scotland get their way it could be a future possibility. It will certainly be discussed for many years before anything really happens at least!

… Dau diwrnod i fynd!!! :smiley: