Boot Camps in 2017?

Hello, are there dates for boot camps next year ( 2017) yet and how can I book a place?

Thank you


We don’t have dates for the northern bootcamp yet - when we do, we’ll let people know about them in here and via the weekly email and on Facebook, and then we’ll set a time/date when bookings will be opened - so the best way to stay in the loop is to make sure you get the weekly email (see 3rd from bottom of the FAQ list: or to join our Facebook group: :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I think Iestyn has some dates in mind for southern bootcamps, but I don’t think there’s been an announcement yet… :slight_smile:

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Any plans for a family/child friendly one next year?
Wee one should be fluent by then as well :slight_smile:


That would be ideal for me too :slight_smile:

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This needs double-checking with @iestyn - but in general terms, we’re very family-friendly indeed, if everyone can keep to the ‘Only Welsh’ rule… :slight_smile:

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That’s the problem - I can’t guarantee a 4yr old will (though she seems to manage at school).
If there was one with more wee ones maybe they would all play together in cymraeg.
It is just not fair on others if she isn’t 100%. But if others were in the same boat…

Iestyn generally brings his kids along, and in the last bootcamp I went on, someone else brought a little’un too. If everyone else is only speaking Welsh, I’d be surprised if she didn’t stick to it too…

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If she’ll come back into Welsh cheerfully if Welsh is the response she gets, I’d imagine it’d be fine. Kids together can get into the habit of going off into English for particular games, too, so that’s not necessarily an improvement!

I bet it’s great seeing your daughter turning in to a Welsh speaker. amazes me how quickly they soak up the language at that age

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OK, so here’s a thought…

I’d be really be interested in running a family friendly Bootcamp in Caernarfon (separate from the Northern Bootcamp). I’ve a family friendly, central Caernarfon, self catering house in mind with large multi bed rooms, which may be idea for a Bootcamp of this nature.

I’ve never done a family friendly Bootcamp before, but I think I’d quite enjoy it and can imagine it being quite successful.

I’ve 4 years experience working as a live in nanny, I’ve worked as a manager of a private nursery school and I’ve been a full and part time teacher, both primary and secondary for many years. My specialist subjects were language and art, which may be of use on a Bootcamp if this nature?

What do you think?

I can imagine a Bootcamp week packed with family friendly activities which would include child centered time. We could focus on family and child oriented vocab and making parents more confident in communicating in Welsh with their children?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Diolch. XXX


Brilliant idea, Lowri would not speak Welsh, I know for a fact, but she understands about 99% of what I say (I never speak English to her). She’s not quite ready for this I don’t think but, yes, it’s a brilliant idea.


That’s a brilliant idea Catrin . Me and Natasha speak Welsh with each other more often than not these days . If I was fluent enough I would speak it with her all the time . We tend to slip back in to English when an English speaking friend or neighbour calls round and it would be good to be somewhere without the temptation or need of reverting back in to English. The location and activities you mentioned sound great :slight_smile:


@aran How much time will there be between the dates being announced and the bookings opening?

Details of Tresaith (and potential Eisteddfod Genedlaethol) Bwtcamps are now available here:

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For the northern bootcamp, usually a week or two… :slight_smile:

Okay, good :smiley: Thank you!

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