Boot Camps 2017?


I am a brand new Welsh learner from the US.

It’s too late to join any of the 2016 bootcamps, but how do I get on a waiting list for whatever might be offered in 2017?

I have a farm here, and it takes awhile to get people to take over when I go away…so the more notice, the better!

Thank you very much!

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Hi Marianne,

It’s usually towards the end of the year (or even the new year itself!) before we settle down to figuring out Bootcamp dates - the best way to keep in the loop would be to sign up for our weekly email, which you can do here:

We usually have a northern one in April(ish), while the southern ones usually run between April and September, if that’s any help :slight_smile:

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Just to add, the southern bootcamps are during the last week of April, June, July and September.

Actually, come to think of it, I will probably have to start talking to Tresaith soon regading dates. As soson as I’ve booked them, I’ll try to get an information page up, at least (we wont; open booking until October at the earliest.

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And just to add, the Southern boot camps don’t mean you have to learn the Southern version, nor the North the Northern. And by next year you won’t be a brand new learner any more!:smiley:


Hi Marianne!

Just to let you know - Bootcamp dates are now available here

Only the April bootcamp is bookable at the moment, but if you need to plan further ahead than that, let me know - we can work out what suits best then!



Hi Iestyn

I know it might be a bit early but I’m putting feelers out there regarding any September 2017 Bootcamp dates (just so I can be ready to put my holiday request in to work as soon as possible!). Anything planned yet?



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Tagging @Iestyn so that he gets notified… :slight_smile:

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I’d like September dates too please! Both north and south!
Diolch! @Iestyn

Not likely to be happening this year, I’m afraid…

Hello! Can I add my support and interest in a Bootcamp in September @Iestyn?! (though I can only do before the 25 September). Would love to go to another Bootcamp!


Me, me, me!

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Re: September bootcamp - I’m working on it, but need to resolve one challenge before I announce dates. Bear with me!

@Amble @vicky_1 @Bobi @kerid73

Thank you for your patience!



Thanks for the update. Have a great weekend!

Diolch @Iestyn!