Owowow! Everyone seams to get through Level 1 easier when they do Course 1 so, my God! I should FLY lightspeed through it now almost having all three Courses under my belt …

“Ja pa ja de …” we in Slovenia would say what means something like “Yah, yah, sure …”. I could bet I would have the same old difficulties as I have now (with myself and my brains of course not with Level(s) … (to make things clear before someone understands me wrong again)) :slight_smile:

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Oh, I don’t know…having that much experience, I think you’d find it quite easy, at least in the beginning, because so much of it would already be familiar. It’s still breaking my brain, but I feel like I’m slacking off if I do less than at least two sessions a day because there’s not as much unfamiliar content as when I started course one! :smile:

What is beginning to be taught in Level 1 is in old course beginning to be taught only in Course 3 in total. Then you get familiar with all possible shortenings and stuff. That’s why I’ve said I should fly through Level 1 now, but since shortenings causes me so much troubles even with such “experiences” I don’t think I’d really be any better at it as when I started it once and went through all the way to Challenge 15. Those shortened thingys just don’t stick in my brains. …


Fair enough. I have to say, it threw me the first time I heard it. The long forms just feel more natural to me.

Agreed. And less complicated. I feel when using short forms like half of sentence would be missing and despite I say shortening I still tend to add the same long form verb into the sentence … I honestly don’t know when I’ll get used to them. They also seam so similar to one another that I mix them all the time.

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Dw i wedi bod yn gwneud yr un peth hefyd, paid a phoeni amdani, mwynhau dy dydd di.
I have been doing the same thing as well, don’t worry about it enjoy your day.

Next year we will be laughing about it. knowing it is a mistake means it will correct itself soon.
Cheers J.P.

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I’ve been doing the same actually. I suppose we’ll get used to them eventually, but when I’m speaking I still automatically use the long form.

07.09.2016 21:47 GMT+1. :slight_smile: - mark set. :heavy_check_mark:

If I’d do that it would be OK. I’m pushing the same verbs which are already in the shortened form into the same sentence, genuinly also wrong as I mix shortenings themselves also. And then some yn(s) are forgotten etc. etc … :slight_smile: Strangly enough in English I never (or rearly) say “I am doing” for example but always go for “I’m doing” althouh this is all quite incomparable to Cymraeg ones with all mutations along etc … Maybe Slovene “short forms” could actually be (in structures) similar to Cymraeg, but we mostly leave the letters out of words like “Sem bla” instead of “Sem bila” (what means I was (to somewhere), “Sem vidla” instead “Sem videla” (what means I saw) etc … Real colloquial Slovene (which you won’t be taught in any course even if it says it’s colloquial) is also quite hard thing to cope with an dthat’s maybe why Google is so bad with translations of even formal one.

Oh, sorry, but this is already another story …

We were talking about bobsled here, weren’t we? :slight_smile:

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I think the colloquial forms of most languages can be a little difficult to get your head around, especially because most courses seem intent on not teaching languages as they’re actually spoken by native speakers…at least that’s what I’ve picked up from the very limited experiences I’ve had. Even still, that sounds like a nightmare! :smile:

But yes…we do seem to have gone off on a tangent, don’t we? :smile:

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Aran I have taken your advice and started on level 1 but I find it difficult not having the notes available. Only the Northern version is there. Any chance of adding the Southern version please?

Here you go @RichardM

And the topic in which we (usually) discuss those things is here

Enjoy learning.


Thank you.
I have no idea why but this won’t open

Are you on the phone? It’s in PDF format so it might not open on the phone.

Kindle Fire - but the other PDF guides download and open ok

It opened fine here so another techno mystery.

Cheers J.P.

Well, trying to open it via my tablet it doesn’t download and display also. I’ve sent you PM.

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Hi, Can anyone @aran tell me is the material covered in the welsh bobsled covered in the course and level materials or is it totally new?

Also what stage of the course/levels is it best to be at to do a bobsled?

Thanks, Mezx

It’s the same material - the point of the Bobsled is to try and get people used to moving through the sessions faster (one per day, no time for repetition) so that they can start to see that they can take a more accelerated approach (if they choose to). So you’re not paying for extra materials, you’re paying for an email-driven kind of mini-Bootcamp thing, if that makes any sense :slight_smile:

It doesn’t really matter when you do a Bobsled - if you’re not used to pushing through hard, it’ll give you a pick-up whenever it is - although an alternative option now might be to join the Accelerated Welsh Facebook group and work through the guidelines in there… :slight_smile:

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I’m kina used to pushing myself hard. If anything, i actually have a problem slowing down. The facebook group sounds perfect for me thanks @aran. Mezx