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Hi all

Does anyone know if there’s a publication (Pembs if poss) that carries Welsh and English side by side for comparison? I find this a good way to improve my vocabulary.

Diolch, Tony

Tony Holkham - Does anyone know if there’s a publication (Pembs if poss) that carries Welsh and English side by side for comparison?

Interesting question. It’s not bilingual, but the closest thing I can think of is Lingo Newydd, the magazine for adult learners of Welsh. It’s got articles on news, culture, and entertainment, with some for beginning readers, some intermediate, and some more advanced – and with some vocabulary words translated next to each article.

You can buy Lingo Newydd at some shops, or subscribe here:

Thanks for that Diane. I will check it out.

Thanks, Diane.


Hi Tony

It’s worth having a look on the Pemb Council website to see if there are any publciations that suit. Most booklets etc that they produce will be bilingual, some with Welsh at the front and English upside down at the back, and others with English ans Welsh side by side.

There is a set of books produced by Lolfa that will suit, but I can’t remember what they are. I shall get back to you with it, but if I haven;t answered in the next day or so, just reply “c’mon” or something so that this thread goes back to the top of the page…

With two browser windows open next to each other, you can open in one, and in the other. Not everything is identical at all, but it’s an interesting comparison…

The council magazine ? I also find Gwlad the agriculture magazine useful that way. It is also available on line

You could also consider . This site allows you to read a welsh webpage and click on any words you don’t know to have them translated. Any words you clicked are made in flashcards for later practice (or export into other flashcard progs such as anki or memrise)

My first Welsh learning took place in Church inn Wales services where they use a double page spread with Welsh on one side and English on the other. As I heard it long before I understood it it was very useful for pronunciation. Unfortunately church language is quite technical (as would a cook book be, or a book about programming) and not highly transferable.

The books I was thinking of are the “Cip ar Gymru / Wonder Wales” series, by Gomer. Go to the site and search for “cip ar gymru”, and you’ll get a whole raft of them. The Welsh is not simple, so don’t be put off by not understanding whole paragraphs to start with, but they will be very vocab rich!

If you are based in Wales (or Oswestry!), then pop down to your local bookshop to buy them. If you are outside Wales, then you can buy directly from the Gwales site. I believe there is a way of getting the profit from the sale sent to a bookshop of your choice. If you have no personal favourite, then I’m sure that “Y Gomerian” in Llandysul would be more than happy for you to choose them!

You could also consider .

That looks very useful. Will have to try it out. Diolch gerpsych!

Hello All

I don;t know whether anyone else knows about this. I have been contacted on a separate issue by a bi-lingual magazine aimed at schools bu looking through it, I reckon we could all find it useful. I don;t know what their circulation intentions are but if I get further links i will post them, and have already suggested they aim at this broader audience.
I will also post this in the post marked Bi-lingual reading recommendations.

Hwyl fawr