Beth sy'n mynd ymlaen?

Mi fydda i’n aros yn ardal Pwllheli am wythnos rhwng 7-6-14 a 14-6-14. Beth sy’n mynd ymlaen yn ardal Pwllheli o ran y Gymraeg? Cyfarfodydd, Cyngerddau, cerddoriaeth, ymarferion cor - unrhywbeth. Gad i mi wybod.

Fe wna i wneud ymholiadau yn lleol Jonathan a gadael i ti wybod. :slight_smile:

Diolch o galon.

Have you been to, Tre’r Ceiri Hillfort, Jonathan? I always take friends to see it and highly recommend a visit.

I suspect you’ve been to Pwllheli many times before, Jonathan, and that you know about this already, but when I go back to Pwllheli, one of the first places I’m looking forward to going back to is the lovely little café, Taro Deg, to chat with the lovely and welcoming staff in Welsh, have a coffee with the best and lightest, the moistest and most delicious chocolate brownie I have ever tasted (and I’ve tried a few!). It’s a truly welcoming place. I’d then go to a lovely little bookshop, Llen Llyn Llyfrau, just to browse around and talk with the lady there. I could spend ages in this shop…well I have actually…:wink:

Enjoy your trip! :slight_smile:

(I miss Pwllheli)

Dinas and Vaughan, I’ve been to both, and intend going again!