Best way for beginners to progress

Hello. I have just started SSIW and am confused! I am on Level One. Within that there are Lessons and Challenges. Are you meant to do Lesson One then take Challenge One and so on? Or is it best to do Lessons 1-5 and then Challenges 1-5 and so on? Apologies if this is a silly question !

Welcome to the forum Jane :slight_smile: I’m just tagging @aran and @Iestyn for you, as they designed SSiW.

And don’t worry, there are no silly questions!

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Not a silly question at all!

If I were you I would just do the Challenges. I think the Lessons are from the old course which, when I was originally trying to learn, I found really hard to get on with. The new course, which is the Challenges, seem way better and I have progressed much further with them than I did before with the Lessons. I am a beginner too and have just reached Challenge 15 which I have just today managed to get through, albeit with lots of use of the pause button. Aran’s advice to me to press on quickly is definitely working for me as I know now that I don’t have to struggle to get everything right before going on to the next Challenge as there are frequent repetition and revision of what’s gone before in every Challenge. I think with the Challenges, even with the little bit I have done, I am now able to make up my own sentences on the basis of what has been covered so far. With the Lessons I never got to that stage as I only really remembered the actual phrases I was repeating, and only a small percentage of those at that! Because of this, and because I was trying to repeat each Lesson until I knew it all off by heart, I quickly got bored and gave up. Now, several years later, I am back and am really pleased with the way things are going and the Challenges are really holding my interest and encouraging me to push on through Level One. Aran’s theory of pattern recognition is really coming up trumps with me and really seems to be working.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes. As Aran says, it is perfectly natural and you should celebrate your mistakes because you are learning from them.

Good luck and have fun! :smile:


Diolch yn fawr! Much clearer now

Karen’s advice is well thought out. If I were starting now, I’d do the Challenges as she suggests, but being me, I’d wonder what vocab might be different and I’d do both at some stage, just in case… glutton for punishment!! But I think I’d still be very happy if the old course had completely disappeared. The repetition thing is key - if you think about real life, you repeat the same things/phrases/sentences in different places/times, so revision and familiarity are really valuable.
Good luck to you and Karen!

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Hi Jane - I’m a little worried how you’re seeing Lessons and Challenges in Level 1 - you should only be seeing Challenges, and the ‘Lessons’ should be tucked away under ‘Course 1’ which is itself tucked away under ‘Old material’…

So yes, absolutely, please use the Challenges - but if you can help me figure out how come you’re seeing the Lessons at all, that would be a huge help! Are you on an app or browsing from a desktop?

Hello I’m on laptop and here’s the screen shot showing lessons listed with challenges beneath. It gives the impression that you can do the lessons and then the challenge is some sort of quiz/test!


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Brilliant - screen shots are SUCH a help!

Jane, that looks as though you have somehow found your way into the old Course 1 - can you see a link for ‘Courses’ up at the top of the screen? What can you see when you click on that?

Aran, if it helps, this is what I can see in my menu.
I can access all the lessons on the old course.
I’m using an iPhone. Is it an Apple thing?

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I remember trying to find my way back to SSIW when I first started and the search page sent me to the lessons which was confusing but I was able to double back and find the Challenges because I knew they existed. No way to duplicate what I did but this may be how others are arriving at the lessons via an Internet search that pulls up an outdated link.

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Ah, yes, that sounds plausible - and a nightmare to track down! Maybe we should stick some popup warnings on the old material… Diolch @Richard_R ac @Garys :slight_smile: :star2:

@aran Is there a way to send the address in the search bar (at the “old material” point) and, more importantly, would it be useful?

I think possibly so… it goes on the list of ‘stuff to try and remember to do something about one of these days’… :wink:

@Aran I didn’t explain that clearly, sorry. I meant that I wanted to know if it would be useful to send you the address that I’m “using” when I access saysomethingin…?
Here it is:-
Just wondering now if “anyone in the world” can access that, or if the site automatically asks that person to log on…

Might need to delete/edit this post later!!

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I think that’s globally open… :slight_smile:

That being the case, so is access to the “old material”, which is still, nevertheless, “excellent material “!!


Yes, the “old material” is great - in fact, not being in any rush, I’m doing both the old and the new, and it’s a case of two for the price of one.

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