We’ve been invited up to the Bangor area in early October to spend a weekend with two friends of ours. Looking forward to this enormously. Can anybody recommend some interesting things to do in the area? We’re reliant on public transport. Diolch yn fawr!

Bangor itself is a lovely place to spend a day - lovely cathedral, fantastic pier. What about day trip to Caernarfon? - imposing castle there (pretty sure there will be buses), Anglesey - pop to Beaumaris (you could walk there I think, but again there will be buses). Bangor has a railway station - pop to Llandudno for the day - you won’t be disappointed - should be around 40 mins or so on the train. You could walk (or take tram) up the Great Orme (fab views) and go down the mines there. Llandudno has a lovely pier too and is fab to walk around with a couple of beaches. we often get nice weather in October (that sort of weather when you have to take your cardigan off in the afternoon cos you’re hot - I love that type of weather!). My favourite bit of Wales - enjoy!

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Thank you, that’s really useful. I visited Caernarfon Castle nearly 20 years ago but it is ripe for a revisit, especially as it turned out my camera was not working that day. Some great suggestions on this list!

Can I also recommend a visit to Conwy? The castle is definitely worth going to, and you can walk around the entire wall, which gives great views of the whole town.

Conwy also boasts having the smallest house in Britain (as recognised by the Guiness Book of Records). You can visit that too, and have a look around Conwy quay while you’re there.

If you’re feeling adventurous we have a huge zip wire in Bethesda, and huge underground trampolines in Blaenau Ffestiniog! Info here:

There’s fantastic walking (and cycling) routes all over Snowdonia National Park, including Snowdon itself. (Make sure you know what you’re doing if you tackle Snowdon, especially at that time of year!).

There are simply too many things to list in this great part of the country! :slight_smile:

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Well, you were absolutely right. The castle is a national treasure, we loved it. We visited Bangor, Conwy, Llandudno, Llanfair-PG, and the slate museum around Port Dinorwic, as well as spending quite a bit of time in the local pub in Y Felinheli. Lovely people, and they didn’t once laugh or wince at my dreadful Welsh.

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I bet they enjoyed hearing your “dreadful Welsh” much more than your natural English, even though your Welsh is anything but dreadful, unless it has got much worse since January!

To be fair it probably has; I’m a bit out of practice. Sadly other things have taken priority during the summer, but as soon as Christmas is out of the way, I will get back into my studies. I’m hoping the break will not have done my brain (such as it is) any harm.

Incidentally, I haven’t seen anything on the boards about 2015’s birthday party?

Very true, maybe @CatrinLliarJones will know. I seem to remember something being said but for the life of me I cant remember what now.

I think there was something about being in a different place and at a different time of year - so maybe we don’t need to know yet.

I think that Catrin is thinking in the general direction of having something a bit later in the year in 2015, and possibly even looking towards the Eisteddod, in a two-fish-one-hook kind of way.

I seem to remember “later in the year” being mentioned. We’re holidaying yn y Llýn during Eisteddfod week so we may miss that. I’ll blame my sister in law.

Interesting - we’re on holiday for the first fortnight in August, so I hope it doesn’t clash.