Hi - I have been a bit slow to start using the new forum so I thought I better get using it.

I am off on a long trip from Abergavenny to Bangor on Thursday. I am going to support the Welsh ladies football team in the World Cup qualifier against Montenegro. It should be a bit of a walkover for the girls. I will be hanging around Bangor in the afternoon for a couple of hours and it would be great to meet up with any SSIW learners for a chat. Anyone around? We don’t have to talk football if you don’t want!

That sounds like an honest cause :slight_smile: I’m afraid Bangor or anywhere else in Wales is a bit too far out of my way. Hope you have a nice trip and if you’re ever in Oslo let me know!

[thinks wistfully of Oslo, without even being entirely sure of whom exactly he’s feeling jealous]:wink:

Allow me to hijack this thread to ask about something I’ve been wondering about…

How do you pronounce Bangor? (which boils down to: is `ng’ always a diphthong?)

Is it “bang-or” or “ban-gor” (or something completely different)?

If I’m speaking English I pronounce it “bang-or”. If I’m speaking Welsh I pronounce it “ban-gor”.

Yep more or less what SJ said - in Welsh Bang+gor ('gor’as in GORilla).

Unless you actually live in Bangor in which case when asked ‘where do you live?’ you answer ‘Banger aye’ (Bang+ger ‘ger’ as in the name GERaint). :wink: