Bad Accents

I’ve just completed the dreaded 6.1 South and actually thought it was alright. And the cat was rolling around purring while listening to me so I take it as a compliment! Is there worse to come in 6.2? I thought lesson 5 was the hardest one so far, I got so used to “dwi” that “I have” and “I need” really threw me and I’d completely lost the plot by the end.

Going back to the original subject, my accent is pretty terrible at the moment (I can’t roll my Rs to save my life) but I’m hoping it’ll come with time!


Lessons 6.1 and 6.2 are both manageable on their own, but when they were one lesson (apparently) it was rather intense! (although I never got to experience it myself!).
But once you have completed the lessons 6 (including the bonus lesson), you will find getting through the following lessons a lot smoother.


Sorry for the super slow reply! Life happened for a bit there.

I do see your point that I’m rather overriding the learning system by repeating it too many times… oops! That being said, it’s still an overwhelming notion to consider moving straight on with the next one after a single hearing, but I’ll suck it up and give it a try. :smile:

And, while we do our breaks, we do always move on when we come back, instead of moving backwards, because I remember reading somewhere that’s the right thing to do!

Now that is something that didn’t really occur to me… I would never expect someone who has just come here to sound Australian, so why should I manage to sound Welsh? Thank you for that contribution, it’s cleared my mind considerably!

Thank you very much for the YouTube suggestion and you’re positively an angel for helping me finally understand how to listen to Radio Cymru! I’ve felt like such a technological dunce over that one!


I’m not sure why, but mentioning this famous Bonus Lesson 6 always brings smile to my face rather then a memory of how frustrated I was doing both (regular) lessons 6. :slight_smile:


My boyfriend is a first language Welsh speaker and can’t roll his R’s at all. Even on their own as a sound, he just can’t do it. I try to remember to do mine, but what tends to happen is that I roll them in words I’ve learnt from SSiW and don’t in words I’ve learnt from him… Hoping that as I worry less about getting the right words out I’ll start picking up the pronunciation better!


That’s the spirit! :star: :star2:

After all, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger…:wink:

[Do tell us if it doesn’t kill you… :sunny: ]

:slight_smile: If it does he surely won’t be able to tell us that. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I love that spirit though. :slight_smile: