Back to week 1?

I recently asked for a change in payment method because there is not a straightforward way to do it on the website. It doesn’t work. I wrote to admin and they sorted it out… But they also cancelled my membership, too. I got behind this week and just noticed this last night when I tried to mark the latest challenge as done. I can’t believe they did this. I am so gutted.

Hi @patricia-7 Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the site. I expect there was a misunderstanding or technical issue, and hopefully it can be sorted out quickly. I’m going to tag @aran and @Deborah-SSi so that someone can help you as soon as possible. Take care.


Have you tried signing in again Patricia? I often have a page come up when I first enter my app that asks if I want to create a membership but when I sign in, it recognises that I already have one and away to go.
Other than that, as has been said already, it will just be a misunderstanding. Email they will get it sorted in a jiffy for you. Don’t give up and always come here to ask for support. Good luck. x

It happened once to some of us that the app didn’t recognize the account and mistakes you for a new user or the app didn’t “register” the end of the challenge correctly, therefore doesn’t mark it as done. But as Sasha and aliC said, the staff will easily sort it out.


Thank you for your kind replies. When I tried to mark as done the latest challenge, I got a warning saying that I am not in any structured course. I am prompted to start one and when I choose my course, I am led to zero. I was able to mark the latest challenge as done but I am officially in week one, which means I won’t get e-mails matching my current progress. I hope this gets sorted. I am kinda easily demotivated and this is not really something I expected. Overall, the change of payment method I requested was successful but I should have been wary straightaway when I received an e-mail about my “new” membership.

Hi @patricia-7, have you sent an email to ? If you have, I can check it for you in a jiffy and fix whatever has gone wrong.

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Hi, Deborah. I sent an e-mail as a reply in the same thread dealing with my payment method problem. Should I send one specifically for this issue, separately?

In any case, if there is nothing to be done, could you cancel this for good? I am happy with the course but feel too gutted to start from week 1. I don’t want this so if this cannot be helped, I no longer wish to pay for it. At this point, I get really easily upset by stuff going wrong.

I’m now getting my Week 1 e-mail. Please cancel this for good. I am extremely upset now.

Okay, I’ve sent a separate e-mail but nothing. I am cancelling. Bye and thanks for nothing.

@patricia-7 , this is not a huge organisation with hundreds of people able to sort things out immediately, at the moment it is a small organisation with a handful of people and whilst the admins do their best to sort technical problems as quickly as possible, sometimes the technology does not play ball.

We’re also an organisation that tries to be as friendly and supportive as possible.

I’m sorry you get upset by things going wrong - that can’t be easy for you. I don’t know your circumstances, I only hope things can improve for you. If you’re still hoping to learn Welsh, we are here to help you if you’ll give us a chance (and no, I’m not an admin, just an ordinary community member) but perhaps this is the wrong course for you at the moment, so if you decide to try a different method I really do hope you find one that suits your needs.


I thought it was the right course. I am very happy with the method. I am very happy with the fact I could take my app anywhere, and learn. I have a very stressful life and no spare time whatsoever, so I was happy I could do this almost effortlessly. I am very sad, though, because this is over. I requested a single change in payment, and this completely destroyed all my progress so I am starting again. And I apologise if I sound impatient but this just tops a very bad week/month. I request some help in this but this is not amended yet. I saw my subscription and it appears as starting this September. I have already invested months on this. It is not the money, as the course is also great value, I mean, emotionally invested. But it is easy just to tell me this is not the right course, instead of fixing this.

Patricia, there will be admins working on this, I can promise that, and it will get sorted out (I’d try to sort it myself if I had half a clue what to do, but I don’t even use apps let alone have inside access to them!). There has obviously been a glitch but your progress hasn’t been destroyed and you don’t have to start again (despite what the software gremlins are trying to say). Please believe me when I say this really is just a hiccup with the technology that would appear to have landed at a bad time for you.


I am sorry for sounding overtriggered. Not good when things don’t work out elsewhere, and little problems like this just get magnified. Well, at least you know I want this.

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Don’t worry, we all have bad days Patricia - I’m really sorry it was a glitch here that caused the trouble, but I’m really glad you want to stick with SSiW.


@patricia-7 I’ve moved you to Week 19 now and sent you the Week 19 email. As Siaron mentioned, we’re a very small team. We do our best to keep up, but last week was bwtcamp, and today I’m writing the newsletter and trying to keep up with emails. I was up-to-date before I had a break earlier but unfortunately your email hadn’t come through in that time. I’ve seen it now and I’m doing what I can to get you back to where you were.


Hi Deborah, thank you for all your trouble. I apologise for the earlier reply, I don’t know. I am normally more patient but I probably just had a grouchy blaidd drwg inside me today. Thanks again.


We all have those days :rose: