Back after a break

Hi all,
I had to largely put Welsh to one side for a while due to work pressures and personal issues, but have recently been trying to get back up to speed. Getting extremely frustrated with myself as I seem to be bogged down in lessons 10 and 11 in course 1. No doubt it will stick eventually. Tried jumping to 12 but that seemed worse.
Anyway, even when I was totally unable to do any Welsh learning I was glad that I had the daily and weekly practices to randomly download and do.
I am going to my local group tonight and looking forward to getting back up to speed.
Stuff has changed a lot since I was last here (turn your back for 5 minutes and… ) and I am liking the new site!

Welcome back, Mark!

It might be a good idea to run through 8 and 9 again (like taking a run up at 10 and 11!) and see how it goes, and then push on through 12 and 13 and see how you feel after that - remember, it’s vitally important that you don’t aim for perfection - if you’re getting 50%, 60% or so right, you’re doing fine, and will probably be best off pushing on…:smile:

Thanks Aran. Good plan. I’ll take a run up :slight_smile:

Great - let us know how it goes! It’s always easier to deal with this kind of frustrating ‘stuck’ moment when you come and check in with other people who’ve had the same experience and got through it…:smile: