Australian history in Welsh on S4C

Creu Awstraiia: Stori y Cymru
Hopefully on S4C International. Not sure how many episodes. Only know of two so far. The fitst, which I recorded and am now watchng, seems mainly about Irish Nationalists transported from 1803 onwards. I thought it would interest @elizabeth_j_corbett_ is that your current Forum name or is it @elizabeth_jane
ps Goes on to Chartists!

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Ooh! That sounds amazing. Thanks heaps! I’ll check it out. I think the first is my forum name. Surely, I don’t have two!

@elizabeth_j_corbett_ is your name. @elizabeth_jane has your picture. Perhaps you have a doppelganger hanging out here.

:flushed: This may be a matter for the moderators…

There’ve been times when you’ve logged in as one, then the other - I’ve always been too scared to risk deleting either… :wink:


Is there any way of merging them?

One of you might have to write another book

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One of us is writing another book…

I would just be logging on with the login each various device provides. In my secret password folder I have the lizziejane2001 email address for SSiW. Is one of the profiles used more than the other?

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I’ve never really had the energy to go into quite that much detail…:wink:

I can’t say I blame you! Let me do some research.


Well, I only wanted to draw the attention of Aussie Forum members to the Welsh/Australian connections in the S4C programmes, but I hope the fact that I noticed your seemingly split personality proves useful and enables you to join up with yourself!!! @tatjana any ideas of the best way for Elizabeth to merge her two identities?

I obviously remember more things that I might not ought to than the language itself (I mean language learning) however I know you @elizabeth_jane once have written that you first created one profile and loged into the forum with one device (I can’t remember was that any iDevoce though) and then you created another profile due to not being able to log into the forum with the first one. I’m not sure why (I forgot) but I think it was that you forgot the password but the main reason I believe was that with the app on iDevices you members at one time couldn’t log in if you were already logged in with another device or PC. So this might be the reason you created another profila.

I believe the first profile was @elizabeth_jane and afterwards you’ve created that other @elizabeth_j_corbett_ . That’s also why this second profile remained without the picture. There’s no way to merge those two profiles I believe (I’m almost 100 sure) so I believe it’s the best to leave things as they are. on both profiles you have a lot of posts so it would be pity to do anything and risk to spoil something or even delete posts.

I actually have got used to your two profiles so I don’t get distracted anymore. I’d suggest keep log in on each device as you did before as they probably already have saved passwords. I’m sure there’s no such problem with dual identity.

Well two of you might get next book written and ready for us faster than just one. :smile:

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I can’t believe this has happened! Am I the only multiple personality member? This must be why sometimes, when I get an update in my email, the forum won’t give me access to the post. In fact, lots of things are starting to make sense now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If I am the only multiple personality member I must take the bull by the horns and eradicate one of my selves. If there are a few of us, we could form a SSiW multiple personality group and celebrate our unique and diverse personas!


Yes, one Gog, and one Hwntw!


So maybe it is an Aussie thing! Are you sticking with the two, or rationalizing? I feel strangely attached to both my selves.

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To say the truth, I’ve let my Hwntw me go…


There are some duals so keep going along with both. If I’d be less lazy (I’m on holidays (at home)) I’d search for the post where you’ve explained things but it’s too late in the night to do so anyway. In next day maybe …

Ahh … hwntw rules! :slight_smile:


I think rather than eliminate one of my selves. I will log out of the newer rogue profile and carry on in the original profile. That way people can still find me if necessary. So this is my last post from this profile. elizabeth_j_corbett_ :blush: hwyl fawr! It’s been nice knowing you!


Long live @elizabeth_jane !


to @elizabeth_jane well it is easier to type. I am not sure, @tatjana is it possible to get a list of all recent posts in each name, so, if Elizabeth sees some in the other name that she’d like to keep, she could copy them to her on-going name? Meanwhile, Elizabeth, if Creu Awstralia comes available to you. and any other Aussies on here, I’d love to read your opinions.