Aussie Skype meets up 2015

Helo Pawb!

Our next Skype hookup is scheduled for New Year’s Day. Something tells me people are going to be too tired, or away, or just not ready for a hook up. I am suggesting that we shift our meet up to the 8th of January, 2015. After that we will swap back to the first Thursday of the month.

Let me know what you think of this arrangement? Also, if you want to join us for the first time and I can provide you with details. It seems to be important to have established a contact with Skype and possibly other members of the group beforehand.


Elizabeth Jane’s iPad


Syniad da, Elizabeth; tan y tro nesaf.

Thank you both, Elizabeth and Amy, for making me feel so welcome this evening. As an absolute beginner I was very (very very) nervous, but I shouldn’t have been. You were both so generous by recognising opportunities that I could join in by asking me questions for the level I’m at.

Having tried SSiW this time last year, in time for my trip home, I lost momentum on my return to Australia. “Really, what’s the point now ?”, I thought. Yet, through this group I feel my enthusiasm reignited; real people to talk to, with the added advantage that, I know, you know what it’s like to be me. I also feel encouraged, having listened to you two chatting away, that SSiW really does work (it’s all down to me now :headphones: ). And of course, I should never again be told, “Nobody speaks Welsh 'round y’er” :grin:

Eto, diolch yn fawr.

Wendy :smile:


Great to hear that it went so well, and was such a valuable experience for you, Wendy - I’m sure the others will be delighted to hear that they’ve given you such a boost :star2:

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Hi Wendy,

Thanks you for joining us! You did amazingly well after such a long break and considering you’ve only done a few lessons. SSiW really does work and it will work for you.

Look forward to seeing you next month.