Aussie Skype meet up this Thursday

it is our Aussie SSiW meet up this Thursday 4th of December at 8.30 AEST

Due to unfamiliarity and reliability issues we have decided to swap over to Skype. My Skype name is lizziejane2001. I am listed as Liz Corbett. My photo is the same as my Google+ photo. The email with my account is

Let me know if you want to be part of the call.

See you on Skype this Thursday.



P’nawn da Elizabeth. I will be available to have a chat this Thursday at 8.30 am (EST?). My Skype name is guymargn Our email address is gmnicholson*[malwen]*

Diolch am y cyfle

@guynicholson - Guy, it’s always a good idea not to post your email address on the internet, unless you want it to be harvested by spambots, which means you’d get loads of extra spam.

I’ve changed it here to [malwen] - malwen is the Welsh for snail, and I’ve heard a few poets use it instead of the common ‘at’ - should be pretty spambotproof… :sunny:

Thanks Aran, technology does have its challenges. In relation to that, I’ve added to our address book and will let you know if the weekly email still doesn’t show up.

Grand - but just a note, it should be post@ not postoffice@! Even one different character means it won’t work :sunny:

Camgymeriad bach, roedd ‘post’ yn fy llyfr cyfeiriad.

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Hi Guy,

I have found you on Skype. I will make the call at 8:30. See you there.

Guy, yes, it’s 8:30 pm. Sorry, I should use a 24 hour clock but it does my head in. See you tonight?

Hello Aussie Skypers!

I am totally out of touch. Are we still meeting? If yes, who, when, what do I need to do to join back in?

Let me know!


Noswaith dda Liz - I haven’t taken part since you went away but would still be interested if you get it going again.


Is this meetup still going on? Is it am or pm? I am not from Australia, but can I still join?

The coordinator hit some major family problems. We are in recess until my current busyness settles down then we’ll start up again.