Attempt to contact local people- but their usernames are not available for me to send a message

Hi, I was attempting to try to contact others in my area using the user names on the map. It doesn’t appear many of those are showing up as valid users. I know I sent a message to one of those a month or two ago and that is now an invalid name and I am missing that message. I hope its just me being twp.
I really hope there are some people around me willing to start up a chat or meetup! Let me know if I am doing anything wrong please.


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Hello. I don’t know to who you tried to send a message but if actually nothing happened, why don’t you turn the things around. Start a thread about you searching for a chat meat-up in your area or similar in the category Meetups/Events and maybe you’d attract exactly the people you’ve previously wanted to contact.

As for the map: If forum users don’t say their forum name changes to @Sionned, she can’t know they’ve changed and she for that matter can’t update the map properly. Many of those who are on the map were the members of old forum, but they never appeared on here. The membership on this forum wasn’t automatically transferred so one who’d want to migrate from old to new forum would have to sign up on here manually. And opoiste way; any who are on this forum didn’t express the wish to be put on the map so they’re not on.

I wish you find someone or the group in the short time and start a proper chat and usage of your gained Cymraeg.

Pob lwc.
Tatjana :slight_smile:


That’s a bit puzzling - if they were valid a month ago, they ought to be now - if you PM me the name in question, I’ll see if I can check the user database… :slight_smile:

Whereabouts are you? Have you checked the list at the end of the weekly newsletter? If you say where you are and invite others to meet up with you, I will put an appeal in next week’s newsletter and see if we can find a few takers.