Asking for a bottle of wine

When asking for a bottle of white wine, is it
Ga i potel gwin gwyn neu potel gwyn gwin ?

It’s definitely “gwin gwyn”, not the other way round because the adjective (almost) always comes after the noun.

But I would actually say, “Ga i botel o win gwyn, plîs.” (May I have a bottle of white wine, please).

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Diolch yn fawr dyna yr beth yn wedi meddwl.
Corrections welcomed

Is there any difference in pronunciation between gwin and gwyn?

p.s. And just when I thought this sounded a bit funny (like olew olewydd - that I really enjoy saying, by the way!) I looked up in the dictionary “red wine” and…oh well, better pronounce that one right even more! :thinking: :smirk:

I hadn’t come across olew olewydd - I shall have to remember it, it’s just like Catalan oli d’oliu :slight_smile:

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I think GWIN is pronounced gween and GWYN as GWIN ha does that make sense? GWEEN GWIN = GWIN GWYN!