Ask your FIRST question about SSiW in here...:-)

that’s actually really helpful thank you so much!!! glad to know I wasn’t the only one as well :joy:

Hello sut me pawb this is my first forum post. It has taken me ages to try to find where to put it though - it seems like all the threads date back several years and you have to tediously scroll down to the very bottom before you can add something. Advice for newbies?

Where do you go if you just want to find some general community support and friendliness? I have managed one sessions so far, and am already a week or so behind so feeling a bit discouraged and demotivated. What are your tips for actually making it happen?? Sorry if this is the wrong place to be, please point me in the right direction if so…Thanks!

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Hi, and welcome!

yes, the forum can be a bit daunting at first glance but basically anywhere is a good place to find community support and friendliness!

To get to the end of a long thread (assuming you don’t want to read every post!) is to drag the slider on the right to the bottom (I use a PC/laptop, so if you use something different and don’t see it, hopefully someone else can explain where it is).

Which sessions are you doing? (i.e. 6-mins a day/6-month course/something else?)
If you are getting weekly emails and feel they are coming a bit too fast for you, you can email admin to ask for a pause, BUT before you do that, is trying to get everything out perfect holding you back? If so, it’s best to remember that actually you don’t have to be perfect on one set before moving on to the next - don’t feel you have to repeat the lessons over and over until there are no mistakes… mistakes are absolutely nothing to worry about at this stage, and as long as you’re getting something out in the gaps (even if it’s not correct), then that’s GOOD. Use the pause button too if that helps, but don’t rely on it as a crutch - the more you can do without using it (even with mistakes) the better.

Also - keep it fun! Everyone goes through feelings of discouragement and demotivation but it usually turns out they’re not doing anywhere near as badly as they think they are! One of the best things to do at times like these in my experience is to relax, put on some Welsh radio/Welsh TV/Welsh music on the web and then don’t make a concious effort to listen to it - just let it bubble away in the background while you do something else. Then go back to the lessons, but as I said, don’t repeat them endlessly - you may think you’re not ready for the next lesson but the way the course is designed means that you’ll go over stuff from previous lessons anyway, so moving on will work.

Finally, do post in the forum whenever you have questions or need support - it’s what the forum is for! You can search for things that may have been asked before by using the magnifying glass in the top bar and if you still can’t find what you need, you can always make a new post :slight_smile:


I find that I start to struggle around the middle to 2/3 part of each challenge and then settle back in to a groove at the end. The human brain. Maddening and fascinating.


Hi, i am really enjoying learning Welsh with SSIW. Most things that have confused me i have found on this very helpful forum but i couldn’t find an answer for this. On challenge 13 level 2 it says ‘o’n i’n meddwl i ti ddeud’ - ‘i thought you said that you wanted’. I was trying to say ‘o’n i’n meddwl bo’ti ddeud’ and am a bit confused!

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Hi @suzanne-allen

The use of ‘i’ for that is an alternative form when the second half of the sentence - on its own - would have been a wnaeth type of thing or a verb plus an ending.

(Ie a completed action in the past or pretorite )

eg nest ti ddweud or dwedest ti

So this gives exposure to a variant form you might encounter. The general advice is pick your favourite or the one used in your area…but take on board the variants so you can understand them if people say them.

There is a summary of the different type of that in this post here

Rich :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rich, that’s really helpful :grinning:


On referring to notes…

My question is, when doing a challenge, is it counter-productive to refer to my notes? I have established the habit of writing down all the vocabulary for each challenge in my notebook. This has helped me to reinforce the learning and absorb the material. However, I find it tempting to glance at the notes when I get stuck on a particular phrase during the challenge. Should I avoid doing this? Thanks

Yes! With an absolute passion, utterly and completely. It will actively prevent your brain from working on strengthening the synapses it needs to be strengthening… :slight_smile:

Makes sense. I will be sure to work note-free! Thanks for the reply.
PS, sorry this question appears I two places in the forum. Still learning my way around.

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Don’t worry, just takes a little while to get used to it… :slight_smile:

Hi Aran. This is not directly related to the above post although I did answer Merton’s original post but I am not sure whether it was picked up by anyone?!

Anyway my main reason for messaging you is because I posted a question about Ios and recording on Soundcloud, my message is off the back of week 7? where you mentioned that if one struggled to get this to work to mention it?! Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am unable to get this to work on my iPhone XS Max?

I hope you are able to help?

Kind regards

Are you using the app or just navigating to the site on your phone’s browser? @lewie is the app guy, and @Kinetic does the website - once we know how you’re trying to access it, we’ll know who needs to try and help… :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to me Aran, I’m using the app on my phone!

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That’s definitely @lewie, then - I’m sure he’ll see this soon…:slight_smile:

Many thanks Aran, I really appreciate everything you all do on here! :blush::+1:

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hi cant seem to pronounce cant finding it a bit difficult any tips please

Are you doing the northern or southern course, Tony? :slight_smile:

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South and many thanks

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Southern thanks

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