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It’s all been an interesting coversation over the past couple of days; one of’s contributors has aslo been in contact with him, and Jeremy has published an article on on the front page at the moment. @aran; it’s all fully linked to your excellent and thoughtful Nation article. Jeremy has been very sincere and put a lot of time into reaching out to the community; full credit there; I don’t recall a Twitterstorm where one of the participants has been as involved in trying to resolve it as this, and for someone of his profile it’s highly commendable.


All good and great but many too often it ends exactly here and mostly this is only the excuse that it is not neccessary to do more - to learn Welsh in this case. I believe if he’d really, really want to learn the language, he’d start IMMEDIATELLY. There are many ways to start including the way I did - just started to learn some phrases first because I was challenged that it’s not possible to learn Welsh and then, because I really wanted to learn, I went on.

With all due respect to both - Jeremy and you - from your mouth to the Jeremies ear then which hopefully will empower him enough to really be eager to learn the language.

And here’s Mr. Vine’s response on …


This article:

has an interesting analysis of the idea of people speaking English and switching to Welsh (I found it linked from the article). The author wonders why the idea seems so widespread, and gives some ideas as to why this is. The embedded video is funny :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve thought about all this thing from twitter and around Jeremy Vine and started to remember that now already two or even more years in a row this comes up exactly around Christmas or New year and somewhere behind in my memory it clings that always Jeremy Vine is the disputed person … would need to do some research if this really is exactly so but it’s interesting though. At least in 2017 I remember it was the issue and if I remember correctly the much more the same story came to the view. Maybe it’s time that all - English and Welsh people - start to change the attitude toward one another and such stories wouldn’t repeat year after year.

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Ha ha, no, I think last time it was Evan Davies - the one that wasn’t on Strictly :slight_smile:

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Latest development…

Chwarae teg iddo - fair play to him :smiley:


And now I see the chosen teacher for “biggest Welsh-language lesson audience ever” is… @aran!
Wow!! :open_mouth: :sunglasses:


that’s awesome - anyone know what time that will be on?


His regular show is 12-2pm, unless they change the day’s schedule (which I would think is unlikely) :slight_smile:


We’re scheduled to start at 1… :slight_smile:


Oh perfect! I shall be able to listen to you during my lunchtime gym session!


To be honest, the last thing this entire event needs is any MORE listeners… :wink:


Thanks! I was tuned in at 1pm and was wondering where you were but then realised it’s on Friday!


Dyna benegedig, Aran! What a really cool way to take a old myth and turn in it into a positive.

Well for anyone living on the East Coast of the United States we could listen in at 8AM this Friday…that means this group -> @AnnaC @johnowen @sasha-lathrop @matt-oliver @markevans @zrtemp @violetsnow @Allison @laurawydapszeniczny @KellyMoore

Here’s a link for Radio two and you do not need to use a VPN -


Well, I know what I will be listening to on Friday morning! Looking forward to it!

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So many kinds of awesome. Leinin arian (forgive me if there is a word in Welsh that I do not know yet (like that would be a surprise lol)

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pssst…heartlands fund


I had read…Lenin arian…and wondering where this topic was going! :laughing:


And you don’t need to listen to it live. You can listen to it in “catch-up” mode for about 4 weeks after broadcast.

This should be the link:

(If that doesn’t work for any reason, try going to the schedule for Friday:

And scroll down to the Jeremy Vine programme.