Are the Challenges de & gogledd parallel in content?

I asked Aran this and he thinks others may be interested, so here goes…
I have an odd & long background of picking up Cymraeg, so I use a mix of north, south, west, and recollections that may well be just wrong!! I found having to say ‘gyda fi’ in Challenge 4s really annoying, so I tried 4n instead and was delighted to find it was the same but with gen i and a few other ‘gogisms’!! My question is, are all the challenges parallel like this? If I find a similar problem with, say, 7s, will 7n be doing the same content but in gog? I found that was not necessarily true with the Lessons!!

They’ll always be fairly close to each other - never more than one challenge separate, I would imagine - because they work off the same script, as is true with the original course - it’s just that sometimes the recording speeds vary enough to mean we have to jiggle things around a bit to keep to half an hour or so per session… :sunny:

Yes, I can confirm that the Level 1 Challenges are almost exactly equivalent.

The Course 1 lessons, however, have some major differences in timing (for instance, there are only 25 lessons south, but 26 lessons north, even though there is no extra material in the northern courses) There are also some differences in order in the first 6 lessons, mostly because the very different “need” patterns between north and south made it more logical to change to order. It’s only a slight variation, but it’s enough to throw you off course if you try chopping and changing at random, and will also be a nuisance to try to find the exact pattern you are trying to nail down.

For people wanting to become familiar with both dialects, it is probably best for you to complete one level of your chosen dialect, and then do the listening practices for both dialects. This will help you to understand your own dialect coming back at you, but also to familiarise yourself with the other dialect, so that you understand more variations “in the wild”. (This of course doesn’t apply to henddraig’s very particular position, but would generally be a better use of most people’s time)


To both Aran & Iestyn:: Thank you, diolch both!! I think my problem really is the fact that you, Iestyn, are from the east, so I find your accent very odd and get on better with Cat. But a lot of the patterns of speech with which I’m familiar are gogledd or a naughty mix of de and gog!!!