Aran on Milltir2 (Dal ati) tomorrow morning

Milltir2 tomorrow is Nia Parry going around Pen Llyn. From the app, it seems that the first item is a chat with Aran about the area and people and learners and later a chat about his own story of becoming a fluent Welsh speaker.

Also items about Nant Gwrtheyrn, Martyn Croydon and lots of other things about the area.


When I saw it was from the Llŷn this week I did wonder…Can’t wait!!! Hope Harri Parri’s on it as well…

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Gwych! As I’m heading up there in a couple of days this is really good timing :smile:

Hey, that’s exciting! Is there a way that I’ll be able to watch it online after since I’m stuck in the U.S.? I’m hoping someone will take pity and put it on YouTube or something. :C

Link to Dal Ati: Aran appears at the start and 34 minutes in.

Actually Aran pops up just 3 minutes or so into the programme :smile:

Brilliant, but not enough about how SSiW works!! Any chance of getting interviews with some course-takers into Dal Ati?
Pen LLyn reminds me forcibly of Gower, with many of the same assets and problems, but with the language issues thrown in!

Oh, didn’t know that was on. Diolch am yr heads up! :sunny:

I’m always “thrilled” when such things are GEO-RESTRICTED!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :frowning:

So I wouldn’t even be able to listen/watch live if I’d be in position on Sunday morning.

I think people who learn Welsh no matter where they reside should have special pass to such shows especially when their “tutor” is involved. :slight_smile: (Wow, this is actually good idea. I’d pay for such pass to watch what I want not what’s to disposal to me. :wink: )

Diolch o galon am y clip Nia, Kim.
Did someone mention Aran was in it? :wink:

(Da iawn ti Aran, chware teg, am galli canolbwyntio :star2: )


This coming Sunday, Milltir2 is about Montgomeryshire and includes a visit to Machynlleth, where the Owain Glyndwr Senedd-dy (Parliament House) is.

I volunteer in the Senedd-dy, so if you’re in the area this Bank Holiday weekend, drop in (10.30-15.00), because I will be there every day over the weekend. Entrance is free and donations are gratefully received! I’m also there for the next few Thursdays and Fridays.

I started volunteering last year, to practise my Welsh and get involved in doing things in Welsh locally. Now I’m on the Management Committee (think I must have misunderstood what they said at some point :wink: )

Really, it’s all good fun and a great way to improve your Welsh. If anyone’s interested in helping out 1-2 days per week, let me know. Everyone is very welcoming.


For anyone outside the U.K. who wants to view this or other tv programmes do a google search for a program called Hola Unblocker. You click on the relevant flag and the page thinks you are in the U.K. when you are really in the USA (for example).

Works like Hot spot shield, right? If you play any games apart from watching TV be careful with that. They ban those who use such programs. (Just in case you’re a bit of a gamer too).

Well, thank you anyway. Might use it as I’ve almost completely stopped gaming nowdays.

I never play games but thanks for the heads up.
Don’t forget to switch off Hola Unblocker after you’ve watch a streaming video or it could cause problems.

Aye. I know that. :slight_smile:


Repeat of the interview on Dal Ati y bore’ma!