Ar y radio heddiw I was on the radio today sounding very nervous … my bit starts at about 1:16:30


Da iawn, Geraint - I’ll listen to that later.

I assume that you’re always nervous when you do public speaking - because I can’t think of any reason why you should be nervous about your Welsh!


Nervous about being on the radio more than speaking Welsh tbh. I’m more nervous speaking welsh with some people than others for some reason but I will speak Welsh with/to/at anyone at all. I would be more nervous if it was in English I think. I hide behind my Welsh.


Ha, yes I feel like that too sometimes! Well said though - and diolch i Nia Parry too! I didn’t think you sounded nervous at all.


You have a great face for radio :wink:

Anyway your Welsh is superb. Looking forward hopefully of getting to your standard.


Da iawn!

You did great … :slight_smile:

Hmmm … now I’m trying to remember … did we really say at least a word to each other on Eisteddfod? It was great meeting of about 30 of us but I actually hardly spoke to anyone … everything was so brief …:frowning:

And, yes, I agree with @netmouse. You don’t sound even a bit nervous. Maybe more eager to tell all in a bit of rush, just like you’d like to say everything at the same time …

Well done!


Please how do I get to listen to this on line?

Click on the link @gruntius posted and click on the Iplayer icon when the page loads. Then move/click at about 1:16:30 to hear Geraint speak.


If this doesn’t work I’ll do some magic for you … just ring a bell. :slight_smile:


Diolch @tatjana and now I can echo all the admiration to @gruntius!

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Ah, you’re listening and I’ve just put extra screenshots into previous post for you. Well, no harm if someone else sees them if they’re not familiar with such things.

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Diolch. I have to admit that I intended to give a huge plug to SSiW but when I listened to it afterwards realised that I forgot. Sori mawr. :cry:


I have to say that was sooooooo impressive. Dysgwr? Siaradwr yn bendant.

Os wyt ti’n mynd i’r cwis nos yfory, ga i fod ar dy dîm di?

If you’re going to thev quiz tomorrow night, can I be on your team!

Ac enwog hefyd! Wnes i ffeindio hwn ar y gwefan ‘dal ati’

​Geraint Scourfield
Geraint Scourfield from the little village of Pen y cae, near Rhos is another of the area’s learners. He likes playing the drums and growing a beard! Geraint’s father came from Tymbl in Carmarthenshire and spoke Welsh but didn’t speak Welsh with Geraint when he was small. After growing up, Geraint decided to learn the language so that he could speak Welsh with his father. Geraint has been growing his beard for 10 years and, according to him, real men don’t shave!


I’ve sensed that in the course of your speach but at one split of second I’ve got a feeling like they actually don’t want you to give a plug to anyone/anything at all and I also had a feeling as that you didn’t actually forgot to give one but rather sensed the same in that same particular time while speaking than I while listening. So, no sori. It just wasn’t meant to be. Another time. I believe you didn’t speak on the radio for the last time so plenty of opportunities to give a plug to SSiW.

You know, it’s the similar thing like when I was there on the bootcamp when @Iestyn had that phone interview and part of me responsibly wanted to take part and the other (more responsible part) just sat there when Iestyn was called, doing nothing to show the interest … :slight_smile: as I’ve said already the evening before that it’s better for SSiW I am not interviewed. Part of “irresponsible” me now regrets that deceision … :slight_smile:

Wel done once again. :slight_smile:


It’s not important what people call you - Geraint, if our beards wouldn’t become permanently entwined, I could kiss you! Perfectly said!! Da iawn!! Dwi’n cytuno yn hollol!


You didn’t sound nervous at all to me, Geraint - da iawn ti! And Nia’s comments afterwards were very interesting too.


Well done, Geraint. that was really impressive.


Thank you all so much, I’m blushing. :joy:

We all know that we are where we are on our journeys to fluency because of SSiW but let me say this - I’ve done three things to learn Welsh: 1. SSiW. 2. Media (books, mags, tv, radio) 3. Chatting in the wild. I don’t deserve praise any more than any one of us on the same journey. Our esteemed leaders are the ones who should get the praise. I’m proud to be part of this movement.


Ahem. Cofia. Ysbrydoliaeth.

Excuse the welsh folks but geraint knows what i mean.


@gruntius I hadn’t listened to it all when I commented before. Now I am horribly aware that, in your place, I would not have understood what was being said to me, so wouldn’t have progressed far!! You are certainly fluent and ‘have learned’ rather than ‘are learning’, but as we are all learning all our lives, you still have more to learn! I just hope I’ll reach your current level before I run out of life!! :grinning: :thumbsup:
I do hope folk pay attention to what Nia realised about people tending to rush into English! In Vienna, when knowing no German despite my youthful exposure at age 3-4, I went everywhere asking “Do you speak English?”. In Paris, I did not expect my French to be answered in English, and it was not. Why should any Welsh person in his/her own country, addressed in his/her own language think it desirable to speak another language in reply?

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Gwych Geraint! Hollol naturiol! An important conversation and very interesting and valid points made by yourself and Nia Parry. Diolch for being a brilliant ambassador for learning Welsh!