App or One Sentence Method?

Bore Da

I’ve downloaded the app and have run through challenge 1 (very helpful). Today I decided to look at the website and see what other material is available, which led to the one sentence in Welsh method.

I notice the teaching for “I want to” differs between app and the website video profile. I imagine there’s no right or wrong in either of these. I’m wondering if it’s best to just stick with the app? Or go with both methods? Learning to be fluent in Welsh would be my 4th fluent language (fingers crossed that happens) so trying to not confuse myself too much. Especially when English is my 3rd language and I translate from English to my mother tongue, so there’s alot happening in my brain when learning a new language!


Croeso @jessica-10!

The app gives you free access to the first 15 challenges. To carry on you’d then need to either take out a monthly subscription (£10) or join one of the structured courses. These are based on the challenges, but give you extra tasks to stretch your Welsh and access to online support and live group chat sessions.

The 1 Sentence course is a little free taster that lets people experience the method we use. It only has a north Walian version, so if you’re doing the southern version in the app, you will notice a difference. It’s quite a short course, so when you get to the end you’ll get the choice of signing up for a course or taking out a membership, and you can make sure you’re doing the version you want to then.

Hope that helps!



Diolch @Deborah-SSi

I was wondering if it was a formal or informal difference or a north or south difference. My app is geared for south Walian

But also thank you for the additional information, I at least now know what to do once I’ve gone through all the challenges on the app


Just bear in mind that the structured courses start from the beginning of Level 1. If you did the first 15 challenges on your own then decided to join one of the courses, you would then need to ask for a pause at Challenge 15 while you worked through the additional tasks up to that point.

Thanks for the advice. But personally I wouldn’t mind going through the material again, would just be practice :slight_smile:

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