Anyone in or around the Horsham area? Looking for a favour

I’m sorry to take advantage of the forum for a personal issue, but I’m wanting to ask a big favour of anyone living in the Horsham area, if possible.

In short, my elderly mother needs a new rollator/walker. Unfortunately the one she wants, which would perfectly fit her needs, is rather expensive to buy new. But it just so happens that I’ve found a slightly used one for sale on eBay, in excellent condition and for a fraction of the price. I was thrilled as they are not easy to find and I would like to buy it as a gift for her. The thing is, the item is in Horsham!

So in short, I’m looking for someone who would be willing to go and pick it up, wrap it, and hand it over to a courier. I would, of course, pay fuel costs and packaging costs and buy you a large measure of your favourite tipple when I next see you.

What’s surprising is that it still works out so much cheaper this way than buying new!

Otherwise (yes it’s a long shot) is anyone by any chance travelling from the Horsham area to anywhere in North Wales any time soon?

Thanks for reading and if you think there’s a chance you may be able to help in any way, please PM me. Diolch yn fawr! :slight_smile:

I’ve just shared on the WSP group board in case there is anyone there who can help who doesn’t check this forum regularly. Hope that’s ok.

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Just a thought having bought a lot off e-bay. Have you contacted the seller to see if they’d pack it for you and you can arrange the courier yourself to collect from them? You could also try gumtree or FB marketplace for one closer to you? Best of luck wish I could help further (and type this all in cymraeg)


Thank you so much for your helpful replies!

I was finally able to set up an agreement with the seller today for them to send it by courier. Diolch @carin-harris for your very sensible suggestion… why did I not think of that? :joy:


Gwych :slight_smile: dw i’n happi di helpu di