Anyone here live in the New England area of the states?

I haven’t had much luck finding someone who speaks Welsh in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Vermont. I did find a Welsh society (maybe more of a fan club) in Connecticut but that’s a bit too far away. It’s a long shot but I figured I’d ask. Diolch.


Did you try looking at the SSiW Map? I know some people come and go and some never get on it, but if you click on markers in your preferred areas, you might get lucky and be able to send them a PM and arrange a meeting!

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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

I did, but I didn’t see any markers outside of outside of the UK. I’ll check again. Thanks.

Ahh… cause I’m a big ol’ dummy and was looking at the wrong map. Thanks again!

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I am sure you are no such thing! Hope you manage to get a group set up!

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The Welsh Society of Western New England a “fan club” - don’t know whether that’s a compliment or not (???) hmmmm. This is Susan Davies, President of that Welsh Society. We have several Welsh speakers but do not have language sessions right now. We do have Genealogy Workshops every month and a St David’s Day luncheon March 4.

Hmmm… small world. Look at me making friends. Four posts on a message board thousands of miles away and I manage to inadvertently offend a neighbor, geographically speaking. Yep, I still got it.

HI THERE! Truly I didn’t mean that in a derogatory sense but I can see how it might, and apparently was, taken that way. Please excuse the parlance, I saw the website and wasn’t quite sure what to make of your organization, so I offered “fan club” as a catch all. If it helps I’m a fan of clubs, and fan clubs, though not so much fans (how I loath those accursed fans). You mustn’t take seriously any of my utterances or assertions. I’m just a fleshy sack of neurons and dendrites that are misfiring 90% of the time.

Now someone else will speak up claiming that, clearly, I must think the Welsh are a fiery and unreasonable lot that need be placated and appeased swiftly to forestall immediate retribution of any perceived slight, intentional or otherwise… Well I don’t, but I’m often wrong, so I’m hedging my bets just in case, you wonderful wonderful people.

Hi Susan, nice to meet you.


Hi Susan, and welcome to the forum… :slight_smile: We generally expect the best of people here - so if you’re not sure if something is meant kindly or not, presume it’s meant kindly - it seems consistently to help people get along better…:slight_smile:

Thanks for responding to Dylan’s enthusiastic and friendly interest. It’s good to see him getting the sort of info he was looking for…:slight_smile:

Incidentally, if you’re likely to be willing to share info with more of our learners in your area, I’d be very happy to help change your profile name to something a bit more user friendly - we generally encourage people to use their real names as much as possible… :slight_smile:

A gentleman after my own heart. I can tell you’re going to fit in here particularly well… :slight_smile:


High praise indeed, good sir. I have your book and read it in one sitting. We could be related, or at least fabricate some lie to that effect. Just so you know though, when I’m fluent and I get my draig Cymru tattoo, I won’t be copying you. (I will, in fact, be copying you)

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A new (and dishonest) family member in New England - will the interwebs never stop giving me joy?

And one that can actually make me laugh. Or chuckle, at least. The omens are good. You’d better warn the rest of the family.

Helo! I’m in Massachusetts, just north of Boston (Reading, to be specific). I’m mostly through Course 1 so not sure how my speaking ability will stand up in person at this point, but I’d be thrilled to get the chance to practice. Where are you?

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Heh, Winchendon, though I work in Chelmsford so that’s a bit closer, still a ways out there though. I’m under halfway through the first course. I try to stay out of the 495 belt. Years of angrily driving into boston. I don’t suppose you ever make it to the lowell / chelmsford area do you?

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495 is the devil, in close competition with 128 at rush hour. I actually have an office in Tyngsboro so I’m up near Chelmsford a fair bit, although that’s changing in the next few months. I don’t mind driving some, though - that’s when I do most of my SSiW lessons! I’m at the point in the lessons where I’m itching to say more so I’ll start to say a sentence and then realize I’m throwing in Spanish words when I don’t know the Welsh. Spelsh? Welanish? It’s great.

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Sounds as though you’ve got the perfect excuse for a trip to Patagonia… :slight_smile:

Ooh, good point! It’s going on the list. I’m making some changes at work this year that I hope will mean it’ll be easier to travel - it’s been too long and I miss it. I am enjoying daydreaming about future adventures, though… I’ve got a whole notebook of places in Wales that I’m dying to visit and it’s keeping me motivated.

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Sounds like you’re going to dominate the conversation as I’m only on challenge 5, though I’ve gone through almost the whole tree on duolingo. I also listen to them in the car and it takes me about 4 listens to be able to able to say the words consistently before Catrin. Also, total truth, I yell at Catrin a lot in my car, “Come on! that was only 2 seconds! How am I supposed to say all that in two seconds, you’re cheating, Cat, you’re cheating!!!” I have a feeling that the program is designed for quick response time and that Catrin’s character is an unavoidable casualty of the expedited process. By the fourth listen I’m finishing early and saying “Where are you, Catrin? huh? I am going too FAST FOR YOU NOW!!!”
Oh, I need to stop with this brutal honesty… I don’t even know these new cousins of mine… yet.

We could meet up some time and speak at each other, hurling mispronunciations and incorrectly conjugated verbs around willy nilly, see how it goes. Or we could try the skype thing. Might be better that way. I’m 6’7" and tend to be loud. I also speak a little Spanish if you consider 'Donde le bano en le classe de espanol." thrilling conversation. Yeah, Skype might be better, what with my Spanish bathroom humour.

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That sounds like a very valuable step - good luck with it! :slight_smile:

That’s another interesting coincidence.

[It’s a lot riskier in person, though, I can reveal.]

@dylanmcconnell, you might be underestimating my tolerance for tall, loud, and bad humor, but I’m up for whatever works best for you.

I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one irrationally yelling at Catrin. @aran, you come in for some of the verbal sparring, as well… “WHY ARE YOU GOING SO FAST? FOR &#*% SAKE WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME SO MANY WORDS AT ONCE? OH SURE, JUST THROW IN AN IRREGULAR ONE RIGHT THERE AT THE BEGINNING BEFORE I’VE EVEN GOT THE PATTERN DOWN, THAT’S GREAT, GOOD IDEA.” I promise I’m charming (and much less angry) when I interact in person.

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