Anyone here fancy chatting in Spanish on Skype?

Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone here would like to practice their Spanish with me on Skype? I’ve tried a few language exchange sites such as ‘Easy Language Exchange’ and ‘iTalki’, and although I’ve had a few conversations, lately it’s been proving difficult to set up Skype meets due to time zone differences, other commitments etc, so I thought I’d ask here instead.

Don’t worry what level your Spanish currently is, I’ll chat to anyone as all conversation practice is worthwhile. So just PM me or reply here if you want to chat. ¡Gracias!


Hi Neil!
I just joined SSIS yesterday but I’d definitely be up for it. Started learning Spanish last May by listening to podcasts and I think it’s time to practise speaking a lot more. I’m travelling in Europe at the moment, so it wouldn’t be convenient to start right now but I’ll be home in two weeks (around the 23rd). For me, that would be a good time to start.


Hi Andrew, ok just let me know when you’re back and free to chat on Skype and we’ll go from there. In the meantime, enjoy your travels!

Muí bueno-ten una buena conversación :upside_down_face:

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I might be able to do a bit of this from time to time. I’m currently on Level 1 Challenge 12 but I learned Spanish for several years in school (roughly two decades ago). On Skype I’m also “daschaich”, though I generally don’t sign in unless I have a call scheduled. (The quality of Skype on Linux took a nosedive about five years ago, and it remains a noticeable memory hog when running in the background.)

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Ok I’ll add you on Skype. The best thing to do is send me a message on here or on Skype and suggest a day/time (UK time) that you’re free and I’ll see if I am too, and we can go from there.

I’m back now and ready to practise some Spanish, Neil. Available nearly every day and willing to fit my timetable around your requirements. What’s the next step?