Anyone for a meet up in Sheffield?

I was wondering if there are any SSIW people who might be interested in coming to a meet up in Sheffield if we started something?

Yes please wonderful idea. Actual practice. Just found this on nights for 2 weeks finish monday hope there are more in and around Sheffield, there are lots of various venues to meet and do what SSIW do best,

Yes that would be really good.

Sounds good. I’m willing to give it a try.

Would be absolutely fantastic if something started up in Sheffield. I have been liaising with the guys in Leeds but just cannot get up to their Saturday meetings due to the regular commitments I have on that day. If there was something more local that runs at a time I am available I would definitely come along.

Please keep me posted with developments.

Sounds good to me. I’ve been meaning to go to a Leeds meet up but other commitments have stopped me so far. Please keep me posted with any info.

Hi - only just found this thread… am I too late to say yes please, count me in?

I don’t think anything has been arranged yet, but it seems there are a few people up for it. Great news! Right, so when and where?:slight_smile:

No there hasn’t, May got horribly manic but fingers crossed things have settled down for a few weeks now. For me afternoons are better but I can do either week days or weekends and maybe somewhere like the cafe at hagglers corner on Queen’s road or the Strip the Willow social enterprise cafe on Abbeydale Road would be good for me. What do other people think?

Absolutely, please let me know when you want to start

weekends would be great, I could do an afternoon here and there

Weekends and afternoons are often ok for me. I live in Chesterfield but know Sheffield quite well. What is car parking like at these 2 venues?

The Hagglers is deffinitely better for parking. There is an area of industrial unit type shops across the road and for other events I go to there some allow use of their car park by Hagglers users. I have messaged the owners to check their current advice. It is also less than 10 minutes from the train station on a 53 bus. There is information and a link to the cafe menu at

I’m thinking possibly the afternoon of 13th June though I’m waiting to check that they don’t have a wedding reception that day.

Great. I work office hours Mon-Fri, so Saturday 13th could be good for me. The venue is good too. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

13th k for me as well

Hey there,
I was wondering if I was okay to turn up on the 13th? I’ve only done course 1 plus the first 3 vocab units, so I don’t have much language, but would be interested in coming on the 13th still.

Anyone can turn up. The more chance we get to speak Welsh the better… Thank you Hilary for thinking about a Sheffield Group. I do go to the one in Leeds at present.

June 13th is fine for me. But please be careful parking on the industrial estate opposite Hagglers. A private parking company has put signs up at Dunhelms, the furniture shop and Halfords. Hilary, which company is allowing to park to go to the Hagglers? Ive had problems with these private parking guys before … not nice! I complained because according to the notice I had 1 hour of free parking at the furniture shop, and it was not enough time to look around and buy furniture. Do Hagglers have arrangements for parking on the estate?

How the universe unfolds… I will actually be on holiday in Wales on the 13th but am keen to try for subsequent meetings - please keep me informed. Paul

I called at the Hagglers today. They definitely plan for the cafe to be open on the afternoon of Satuday 13th June 2015 (no weddings booked!) With regard to the parking I asked and they are still advising the estate particularly behind the Golf shop. I went and checked and at present there are no private parking signs there or in the adjacent boots opticians car park. The signs are appearing due to problems around matchday parking (not a problem on 13th June) and the Hagglers are in a tricky position trying to find a way that people using their services could be distinguished from people going to the stadium so an official agreement hasn’t yet been possible. There is also parking on the road in the estate for up to an hour (No return within 3 hours.) Alternatively the closest designated park and ride is at Tesco Stores Ltd, Abbeydale Drive, Sheffield, S7 2QB ( and the 87, 97, 98 and 218 will all bring you to within ten minutes walk of the Hagglers (586 Queens Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 4DU )
I’ll be there from 1pm on the 13th and am really looking forward to it. We’ll deffinitely keep you posted about future meetings Paul and I hope you can come georgesharp