Anyone at the Eisteddfod 2018?

So I was waiting for a bus this morning, and I heard two people speaking Cymraeg and couldn’t help telling them how happy I was to hear it, for the first time in my three days in Cardiff. The woman was going to the 'Steddfod, so we spoke Cymraeg all the way there. Met up with my friend Eifion, and spent the whole day, almost, speaking and hearing Welsh. Many thanks to Bronwen Lewis for getting me going, and of course to Aron and Iestyn!

I’m going back tomorrow for the last day of the 'Steddfod. If anyone will be there and wants to meet, message me, and I’ll send my mobile #.


Hi @violetsnow I’ll be at the Eisteddfod again tomorrow and happy to meet up with you and any other SSiWers who happen to be around

Helo John! I plan to get there around noon / 1 pm and wander around the maes, then watch the male choir competition, which I believe starts around 2:30 or 3.

Some of us will be meeting at 11 around Shwmae Caerdydd - I’ll try and remember to post on here where we are at noon if there are still a bunch of us hanging about…

If I get there by then, I’ll give John Williams a ring, in case he’s with you, and find out where you are. Still figuring out my day.

I think we’ll either be downstairs in the cafe in the Pierhead (Shwmae Caerdydd, big red-brick building) or hanging about by the Siop y Pethe stand just outside…

Diolch @violetsnow am y sgwrs in Shwmae Caerdydd on Saturday - hope you enjoyed your day at the Eisteddfod (despite the rain!) and that you get many more opportunities to speak Welsh in Abertawe!

Just noticing my notifications today! Thanks for hanging out with me at the Eisteddfod. I had such a great time in Wales. I made it eventually to Siop Ty Tawe and had a talk in Welsh with the proprietor. Otherwise, I pretty much slacked off, even though the two sets of friends I was hanging out with were Welsh speakers. There was so much to talk about that I didn’t have the vocabulary for. Except when I met their friends at the Tesco and got to speak a bit of “introduction” Welsh with them. And then there was the Plaid Cymru barbecue where I did have some short conversations in Welsh…well, I didn’t do too badly.