Any more lessons

Just enquiring when are we going to have more lessons on level 3 please I have listened again as advised to do course 3 which I have and done listening structures so could I possibly get an actual date as to when will have more lessons out please

There is not an actual date yet, (see @aran 's latest update here SSi - state of play, April 2017 ) but they are on the way.


Confirmed - everything’s currently lined up (without any technical stuff standing in the way, for the first time in ages! \o/) for Aran and Catrin to finish the recording for the next few lessons. I gather that once they’re done being mega-busy with both a bootcamp and the SSi party, said recording should be pretty high on the list :slight_smile:


I’m afraid we’ve learnt over the years to avoid actual dates as much as possible - but Catrin and I will be aiming to start recording on Tuesday next week - if all goes well, that should mean we’ll be very close to publishing more lessons by the end of the week, or the week following…