ANY competition referrals this week... the business winners

So, if you know anyone running their own business, they might be grateful for having this flagged up to them…:slight_smile:

You’ve all seen us change gear with Facebook over the last year or so. It’s been transformational for us - not without its headaches (hello VAT, I’m looking at you!), but it’s taken us from having 2 members of staff to having 7 people pretty-much-full-time - and now to being in discussions with a range of possible partners/investors, as we turn the dial up on ‘growing enough to be able to build a LOT more stuff’.

Now, the guy behind this shift is someone who’s become a close personal family friend to Catrin and myself (and the kids, who’ve enthusiastically learnt the Spanish for ‘chewing gum’ from him!) - Jesse Horowitz, who comes from Washington D.C. (via a couple of decades in Los Angeles) and has been helping businesses grow for over 20 years now.

We’re incredibly lucky to have Jesse involved with SaySomethingin, and delighted that he’s coming to the party (where a bunch of you will get to meet him, and find out how friendly and unassuming he is)…

And now on top of everything else he’s doing for us already, he’s offered something extra.

While he’s over here for the party, he’s willing to have a one-on-one meeting (in person, or via video) to give ONE business owner a very serious, detailed set of action steps to make an immediate and significant increase to their turnover - inside Facebook, if they’re operating there, or outside if they’re Facebook-agnostic.

He’s genuinely brilliant at what he does - I would cheerfully walk over hot coals to get this kind of quality time with Jesse, if he wasn’t already doing so much with us.

The only thing any business owner needs to do to get this is to share the link with their existing audience (letting them know that the £240 6 month course is a free bonus until the end of this month) - and if they get a SINGLE person signing up before midnight on Sunday, they’ll be in the raffle to get the session with Jesse.

Please share this with anyone you know who runs their own business - it might be as dramatically valuable for them as it has been for us…:slight_smile:


I’ve shared on my business page, but how will you know if someone signs up from my link? I said to mention me, but how do you know it is a business referral?
Actually my business name will make it fairly obvious, but some people just use their names and they might miss their chance at an awesome prize.


We’ll do it for everyone, and if they don’t have a business, they can pass it on… :slight_smile:

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So, the people who got into this raffle were:

Lisa Parry @lisaparry
Katerina Pavlakis @ladyk
Maria Cronje @maria-cronje
Becky Rowe
Sean O’Neill @Sean-O
Mark Gubb
Richard Huw Morgan @richardhuwmorgan
Richard Buck @RichardBuck
Gill Benjamin

But I know that some of you are definitely not running your own businesses… so, sing out, folks - are ANY of you business owners?!

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Oh, count me out, for sure – it sounds like a really good prize for the right person, but I am definitely not that person! (Also, I can’t think of anyone I could pass it on to.)

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I think I can safely raise my hand here:
Running a little shop in Llanrwst :grinning:


Awesome! If no-one else puts their hand up (we’ll give it a day or two) then you’ve won… :slight_smile:

OMG! I never ‘almost’ won anything :grinning:

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I’m co-artistic director of the performance company ‘good cop bad cop’


Okay, looks as though we’re going to have a coin toss between the two of you… :slight_smile:


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OK, let us know. I’ve been sharing away…

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Right - just rolled the random number generator… I had you as:

1 - @ladyk
2 - @richardhuwmorgan

And the generator gave me…


Richard, sorry about that - but if there’s anything we can do to help spread the word about your stuff, just let us know - we can always put bits in our email and on the forum and Facebook…:slight_smile:

Katerina - if you drop me a line, I can put you in touch with Jesse, and you can figure out if you want to do a long old video call session or if you’d rather pop down to Caernarfon at some point next week… :slight_smile:


Sending you message shortly @aran.

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Dyna siom, paid â phoeni, efallai rhywbryd arall.

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