Another wonderful connection - Kim Ritter Films

@kim-ritter is a German, wedding and promotional filmmaker based in Snowdonia, North Wales, whom has started learning Welsh with SSiW. You can check out her work on Facebook and YouTube.

I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Kim once, at the dojo where Angharad and Beuno have karate lessons. Kim was shooting one of her amazing promotional videos, to which I made a very small contribution as a ‘karate parent’.

I’d like to share with you Kim’s wonderful work and the joy which is Burmans Martial Arts in Llanberis at the foot of Yr Wyddfa.

BMA was founded and is run by Shihan Sara Salisbury Roberts ( 6th Degree black belt) and is a bilingual martial arts school. The supportive family ethos BMA have is second to none. It is a place where each child is nurtured according to their individual needs and pushed to the top of their abilities, by an ‘almost’ all female team of enthusiastic and professional senseis, with a fresh, wholistic approach to teaching martial arts - I think this video says it all…


@CatrinLliarJones Thank you so much for sharing this video with the community. Means a lot - not only to me but also to Burman Martial Arts which is as you know and mentioned a very special place. Thank you also in taking the time for an interview for this film and your very valuable contribution to it. My Welsh suffered over summer due to all the editing but I will be back on very soon. :slight_smile: