Another SSIW'er on Radio Cymru this lunchtime

Hello All,

After @AnthonyCusack 's great contribution a couple of weeks back, I just got a call from the producers and it looks like I am going to be on Gary Owen’s ‘Taropost’ programme on Radio Cymru again today (they read my comment out last time).

I think this is going to be another show about learners, and whether more can be done for them.

Specifically I’m supposed to be on between 1.30 and 1.45, but that may change.

The show runs from 1 until 2 - and is always a good listen.


Awesome - pob lwc! :star: :star2:


Da iawn! Enjoy! It’s good fun!

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I’m still waiting for them to call me. So we’ll see how that goes! :smiley:

wait// here we go

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Well I was just on. I’ll put a link up shortly. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest, they didn’t tell me they were going to put me (a “self-learner” up against a night class veteran). But it was a good laugh. I naturally disagreed with everything the night class guy said and fought the good fight of SSiW.

55:30 it all kicks off.

Basically I say that in my opinion - nights classes aren’t really necessary with all the technology we have at our fingerprints - such as SaySomethinginWelsh. By using that I am now able to live my life entirely in Welsh.
I also then make a little jab that although Carwyn Jones wants 1 million Welsh Speakers by 2050, he isn’t going to come and teach you personally. The responsibility for learning lies with the learner.
I also then say that I know people who have gone to night classes and are still saying things like “Welcome” “I have a cat and 4 dogs” and “My favourite team is Pontypridd Town” in the same amount of time that I’ve been learning.


Da iawn @Nicky you made lots of good points. As you said people need to go out and do the work themselves. Jonathon made an interesting point that going to the classes was a hobby in itself. I think that’s why I struggled. I didn’t enjoy going to the lessons enough. I’ve loved SSiW whilst I’ve done the lessons but they were not the hobby for me. They were a wonderful means to an end.



As you’ll know, it’s hard because you think you know what you’re going to say and then you go live- and then you forget how to speak any language, never mind Welsh! :smiley:

I do get the point he made about it being a social thing also, because I go to a weekly Clwb Clonc with other learners to experience the same sort of thing. However, that is a purely social thing for me.

After trashing the idea of night classes, I think I’ve now annoyed every single night class teacher in Wales anyway, so even if I fancied going to one - I think I’d be banned… so I’ll stick with SSiW for now :smiley:


Da iawn @Nicky!


Really gutsy, Nicky - exactly the kind of ‘jump in and go for it’ attitude that has got you so far in just five months… awesome work… :star: :star2:

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Chwarae teg Nicky. Just listened to it. Impressive after such a short time. Inspiring everyone to just get out there and gwneud e.


If you liked that, you may like this… </total plug>


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