'Anita' on S4C

I’ve watched a few episodes of the series Anita on S4C lately and I’m really enjoying the interplay between the Welsh of a learner from Caerdydd and her daughter, and the gog Welsh of the others.

It stars Caryl Parry Jones and Bryn Fon, with some other very familiar faces. Anita speaks “learner Welsh” with a good helping of English thrown in, and the programmes are “narrated” by the daughter who speaks something similar to Cardiff school Welsh, so there’s something for everyone.

Has anyone else been watching it? If you’re a Bryn Fon fan that’s an added extra!


I have 'sky+‘d’ it, but the first episode is missing about 20 minutes, so I will have to catch up on S4C Clic. I did notice that it was filmed probably between early September and late October, as I noticed in some of the Cardiff scenes some of our new buses were about. One that was filmed on the North Road out of Cardiff left me wondering if I were driving it!!
Looking forward to watching the 1st episode in full though, and the rest of the series!

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Hello, I watched on the i-player, dipping my toe into Welsh TV beyond Cyw and the sport. I’m on the southern SSiW course. I enjoyed the story-line in Anita, but found I could hardly pick out a word of what was said from the Gog family. Are they using an especially broad dialect in the series?

I’ve watched the first two episodes and by contrast found Anita difficult to understand for the first few minutes trying to tune in to Carol’s character traits, what a weird mix. Really good and entertaining program though, really enjoying it. @debw12 told me that she watched the trailer a while ago but I missed that, not that the series depends on it. :blush:

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I have watched the first two episodes but I find the mix of both English and Welsh a bit confusing. Interesting though.

I watched this programme for the first time last night. As a Welsh learner it’s a lot of fun to listen to! It’s interesting that the lady uses the Welsh she knows than switches to English when she is less confident. I wonder if this is more useful in Welsh speaking company than sticking to Welsh but slowing conversation right down. Maybe because I am doing the Northern course, I find the ‘Gogs’ easier to understand, it’s useful to hear Welsh with the Southern accent.
It’s interesting that this language switching is common in Wales, especially when your speaking skills lag behind your listening skills, but you can be confident of being understood in both languages when you find yourself in a Welsh speaking North Wales pub.


New series starting next week! I have a big soft spot for this de/gog comedy!


I’ve been wondering if they were going to repeat the last series, but news of a new one is something to look forward to.

I like it too. It’s good practice to hear the mix of gog/hwntw accents and I enjoy the story and the actors.

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Indeed - thanks for the news. Always good to have something to look forward to.

Yay! It’s a lovely, gentle but funny comedy - don’t get many of those around these days :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up!

This is where I might be expected to step in and say that I found it over-sentimental, unrealistic and cloying. But actually I enjoyed it, and not just because i’m getting old, either, I don’t think. Well worth it for a perspective that’s about more than just the experience of learning.
It also caused Tegwen to exclaim “Hey, that’s [name redacted]'s dad!”. She’d met a friend from the north this time last year and they keep in contact via social media. Turns out that her friend’s dad is Bryn Fôn! :laughing:


I could have written this :slight_smile:

I like the portrayal of a learner as someone who goes out there and uses the language at their disposal, for whom not knowing the odd word is not a barrier, who shows that the Cymry Cymraeg world is not an impenetrable clique, who sticks up for the language. I also like that the series shows all sorts of different types of Welsh (not just North/South). Great stuff.

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Me too!

This as well! I didn’t expect to like the series because of the stereotypes, but they were done in a brilliant way, adding to the comedy and I loved the bit where Anita crushed the nasty bossy care home woman!! [quote=“robbruce, post:12, topic:4703”]
her friend’s dad is Bryn Fôn!

A friend of mine had a kid who said, years ago, that his mate’s dad was a racing driver - Nigel Mansell, that turned out to be! It makes one realise that most well known folk have kids and they don’t all go to fancy public schools!

NB Anita is on 26/2/2017 at 8.30 pm. .It was advertised just before R&R.


Reminder! This evening Anita!

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Like watching a Gwibdaith Hen Frân song come to life…loved it. :grinning: And it was a nice contrast to the end of ‘Byw Celwydd’ on the same night, I must say.

I watched this last week and loved it! Does anyone know if the first series is still available anywhere. The original show Caryl which the character came from is also very funny and worth a watch.

Sorry @anitaroderick can’t help with that! Croeso to the Forum. This is a very friendly helpful place!
To @ramblingjohn I once said your voice reminded me of a cast member, well, you are nothing like him, but the voice is Rhodri Meilir.