Smae pawb. I’ve come across the word “andros” a few times in Becca’s interviews, but haven’t got a handle on what it means. Eg. mae’n andros o braf, or mae na agwedd andros o iach at y Gymraeg. Is “andros o” kind of “very”? Diolch!

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Yes, similar to “terribly”, “awfully” etc in (old fashioned) English. You might also come across “coblyn” used in a similar way, although I think generally as an intensifier for nouns rather than adjectives.

Yes, @gareth-19 is absolutely right! :slight_smile:

I would say that you could translate ‘andros’ to ‘so very’ - so very cold/so very healthy/so very quickly and so on.


Thank you, Gareth and Catrin. Dw i’n andros o ddiolchgar - I’m so very grateful! Andy