Android phone users - new SSiW app now available!

With huge thanks to James for a long labour of love, and for huge patience when the app wasn’t getting as much focus from me as it deserved…

We can now share with you the officially available Android app for SSiW:

[But please bear in mind that although James has tested as much as possible, as the first set of brand new open in the wild users, you will probably find hiccups - as and when you do, if you come along in here and let us know about them, James will do his best to fix them :sunny: ]


@Deborah-SSi :sunny:

Here we go …
Downloading and installing! :slight_smile: Will test it at home.

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn! Going to download it right now. Thank you James and SSIW

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Everything works perfectly well. I’m just listening to Level 1 Challenge 9 as I write this (and practice along of course) :slight_smile: It sounds great, even betzter then on my computer.

(Added later)
I tried to log in after making Level 1 Challenge 9 but login doesn’t work. App asks to press OK so the error message can be sent so hopefully James will be able to see some logs about it and fix things (If they were meant to work at the beginning in the frirst place though)

General mark what concerns me: 10/10 :slight_smile: Well done! Works better then quite some apps on Google play I’ve tried so thumbs up!

Login worked for me, so it’s not a permanent error.

Fantastic, I have downloaded this, and I look forward to giving it a whirl. I’ve been whizzing through course 1 at the rate of about 1 lesson per day (amazing what sticks yet what is still hard!) and this will be a big help.

Will try tomorrow again. Can be I was a bit clumsy myself aswell, who knows.

It might be one of those odd glitches. Anyway, never blame yourself - it’s always the technology! :wink:

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Thanks for all the positive words, not to mention our rave reviews in the Google Play Store!

Feel free to get in touch with any feedback, positive or otherwise.

From the look of the error it seems to be a network glitch - the app didn’t get a valid response back from the server when you tried to login. Please let me know if it keeps happening for you


Ooh, I’ll be logging on as soon as I remember my pw :wink:

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Diolch o GALON to our reviewers - reviews make a huge difference on all these platforms to how many new people get shown the app, so you’re making a very real difference to the future of the language :star: :star2:

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Thank you for letting me know what could be wrong. I’ll try to log in when I come home. I really am curious if it continues to give me error message or not. Maybe app sensed I’m on the other side and decided to “run away” from me. - hehe

On sirious note: I’ll let you know what happens next - if error message continues or not.

Thank you for now.

Oo and I know it’s only a little thing but I love the little dragon in the top left hand corner of the phone screen :smile:

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Little thingys make day brighter me thinks. :slight_smile:

Logged in successfully as I “speak” and downloading Level 1 Challenge 10. I love this app more and more. :slight_smile:

DWI’N HAPUS! :smiley: :sunny:

Hey @theblacksparrow: Are you able to modify the app’s “key words” for improved searchability?

The app is my first result when I search “ssiw” or “saysomethinginwelsh” in the Play store, but it doesn’t show up at all when I search for “say something in Welsh,” “Cymraeg,” and “Welsh.” These are some pretty important terms that I might search for both as someone looking for this specific app and as a dysgwr-at-large searching for adnoddau.

Nice job with the app overall! :slight_smile: I didn’t really use the old one, but this one seems pretty easy to use.

::edit:: “Wales” would probably also be a good search term to add.

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I love the app, and echo @joanie’s comments about searchability as it took me 2 tries to find it in the Play Store. One feature which I love on the iOS version is the ‘listen’ button which pauses the app while you’re speaking - it’s brilliant when I’ve got my hands full and can’t get to the pause button! I don’t know if it’s feasible to one day include this in the Android version, but it would be a plus.

Lovely app though and it does what it needs to.

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S’mae Isata?

This was tried early on in the development of the Android app, but it was way too slow to include in the final version. There were ideas about how to achieve it, but those involved wider changes than just the app development itself, and so have been shelved for the time being.

I’m glad you like the app, James did a great job with it.



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S’mae Stu and thanks for the insight. I guessed there were some technical issues behind it not being there. It still works very well and actually I find there’s less need for the Listen function when using my phone as it’s more likely to be attached to me by headphones.

Well done to James!