Android app problem

Hi can anyone help please?
I can get all material on my PC not not on my android phone.
I cant get the advanced and weekly practices. It just says No lessons available.
I am signed in correctly.

Can anyone help please??

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I just got the same message about no lessons available for Level 3, and I noticed a little refresh button that looks like two arrows making a circle at the top right. It took a few moments, but the new lessons had loaded when I reopened the Level 3 tab. Pob lwc!


Diolch yn fawr iawn @sasha-lathrop. I’d had the same problem, tried refreshing as you had but it was taking so long I gave up. :flushed:
I read your post, tried again with patience, and it worked!


Weekly practices should be available - the refresh advice above should fix that for you.

Advanced content is not currently available via the Android app. (If you sign up for access to the Test version of the Android app you can get access to the advanced content. To sign up, message me the email address you use to sign in to Google on your Android phone )

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Happy I could help out @lin-2! :grinning:


Hi all, Iv been trying to solve this but still cant get it on my android. Thanks for trying to help though has anyone else got any ideas please?

Pinging @jamesmahoney :slight_smile:

Any ideas please?

see above

As for lack of weekly practices - it’s probably linked to your subscription level in some way. Do you see all the lessons for level 1 and level 2?

Hi and many thanks for this. Yes I see all the lessons for 1 and 2. My email address is Diolch Daryl