Am & ar gyfer

Just finished challenge 4 of level 3. It introduces ‘ar gyfer’ for ‘for’. Is there any particular rule in terms of when you’d use this and not ‘am’ ?


As with lots of prepositions in Welsh, there are more words for ‘for’ than in English, and am and ar gyfer are just two of them.
The most basic rule* (i.e. not including where it crops up in idioms, etc) is that ar gyfer means ‘for’ in the sense of ‘in preparation’ or ‘in provision for’.

‘Am’ (again - basic “rule”*) is ‘for’ in the sense of ‘for the purpose of’ or ‘for the sake of’.

*not so much a rule as a guide :wink:

Also bear in mind that ‘am’ doesn’t only mean ‘for’, though - you’ll come across that soon enough, and also the other types of ‘for’!

The secret with this type of thing is to get used to the patterns you hear them used in so that they come out without you thinking in speech.