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I started Course 1 on the mobile app yesterday, and was really happy to actually be able to cope. However, come on the website today and started on the new Level 1. Finding that far more difficult - and in fact after rewinding one section several times and just not getting it - I have turned off (I am tired today and my health condition causes me to have ‘brain fog’) and will try again tomorrow. Course 1 seemed a much slower process, which suited me. I am thinking of continuing with Course 1 in the morning, and then attempting Level 1 in the afternoon. Does anyone else do that? Ali x

Hi Ali! Having done both courses I am going to stick my neck out and say I would just jump in with the New Course 1 and disregard the old course. Having done the old course I would choose the new any time.

Now that you have heard the old course I can understand why you might be finding it a bit ‘easier’ at the moment. The new course probably does involved a bit more ‘leg work’ earlier on, but it is well worth climbing that particular mountain now because ultimately the new Course will get you speaking Welsh much quicker.

I have currently been jumping between Course 3 and the new Course 2 because I am waiting for the new Course lessons to come on-line. This has caused me all sorts of problems so I have now ditched that and come up with a plan to work through Course 2 a bit more slowly, and start doing a bit writing as well. Shhh, don’t tell Aran!

Welcome to the forum by the way! Hope this helps!



Shwmae Ali.

The new course is unique in the sense that it is designed to get you speaking more Welsh more quicker than the old course. That doesn’t mean that the old course isn’t effective, as I learned Welsh through the old course and now I’m running through the new course as it is written.
What some people are doing, is mixing the courses up a bit - like, starting with the old course 1 and vocabulary units, then the new level 1, or course 2 and level 1 simultaneously (if they’re confident enough - not too difficult once you’re used to how the lessons (or challenges) work) once they’ve finished old course 1. But really, follow the course you feel you’re getting the most out of. You could still give the new level 1 another try tomorrow if you like - you might find yourself doing better the second time around. I know once you get through a few lessons you will find yourself going over them a few times before moving onto the next one, and this is perfectly normal!
See how you go though. If you do decide to stick with the old course, then the new course will still be there once you’ve finished!
The important thing to remember is not to worry. Do all these lessons at your own pace, and if you make mistakes, embrace them - they really will help you to improve your Welsh over time.
Best of luck with the course, and if you’re stuck with anything, here is the place to seek help!


Hi, I didn’t notice the level 1 section and have been going for a week or so on course 1. I like the structure of it, brings understanding of sentence structures…I’m really slow though, but getting there.

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You will speed up. Promise!


Hi I am a New Zealander I am Peter Lucas I have been doing course 1 and I’m up to lesson 13, I am enjoying it and have been going since the beginning of June. I am enjoying and yes sometimes I struggle too especially with those lengthy sentences however, just by replying certain sections of lessons helps me. I hope that is alright. I will continue all the best.


You can conquer the Welsh language, Peter, in the same way you beat us on the rugby pitch…

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That’s exactly the right approach :star: