Alnwick, Northumberland meetups?

Anyone else learning and wanting to practise in or within easy travelling distance of Alnwick?

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@Deborah-SSi for the email? :slight_smile:

Sorry, @HelenB , no use to you for meeting, but if you are the person from Alnwick who signed the S4C funding petition, Diolch! Thank you! If you are not, someone else in Alnwick speaks Welsh!

Yes - it is me! Just trying to regain some of the Welsh I once had! Really liking this method having done O level (too many years ago !), then an Wlpan when we lived in Llanrhystyd. After over 25 years in the North East, I have decided to try and relearn at least some Welsh and enjoy watching Sam Tan with the grandchildren and Hinterland which reminds me of living near Aberystwyth. Hwyl!

oh, it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you.! I am in Yr Alban (Scotland) and your story parallels mine! But I kept learning and forgetting because I never lived in a Welsh speaking area, just visited! I watch Cyw and have no children as an excuse! Mind, my little poodle dog likes Octonaots and Hafod Haul! Hwyl fawr!

Hello Helen. I live just outside Alnwick, and would love to meet up to speak some Welsh with you. I’ve been learning for a few years now, but recently I have not been speaking regularly. I’m kind of on a plateau at the moment, as I’m not working on the SSiW challenges just now. Having a chat with you might motivate me to get back into it.


As a fellow North Easterner, I’m just trying to think of some conversation topics to propose for you.

The S. Walian thing of discussing where each of you live, right down to the actual houses probably won’t apply in Alnwick.

Even though you might only live a couple of miles apart, you will want to spend the first hour discussing the actual route that you took to the meeting place. Or is it just my family that does that? It drives my wife mad.

Finally, the Newcastle United/Mike Ashley/Sports Direct relationship deserves a mention - or maybe not.

Anyway, have a good time.

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Hi Anne,
Sorry for the delay in replying - I have been on holiday - in North Wales! Did try out a little Welsh but very rusty and went into panic mode when spoken to! So I do need to practice. We have actually met via my daughter who sings with you in RFC! but I didn’t know you spoke Welsh. Currently I’m on Level 1, Challenge 17. Some of it’s coming back but some seems very different to what I remember! Be good to get together to practice especially if we can talk with a native speaker. I’m doing the South Wales version as I’m originally from Cardiff.
Hwyl fawr, Helen

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Hello Helen
I wondered if you were away. I am going to be on holiday from Thursday for about 10 days, so perhaps we could meet up when I get back. I’ve done quite a lot of the lessons (original sets, and Level 1 and most of Level 2) - but I’ve not been working hard on them recently. I’ve been using the North Wales version, but we should still have enough vocab in common to have some conversation.

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Sounds good to me. I just hope my Welsh won’t be too basic and limited for you!

Helo Helen. Sorry, but it’s been manic here since we got back from France. Things should settle down now. I could meet you on Thursday this week (12th) or Monday 16th if you are free.

Hi Anne,
This week is really busy for me I’m afraid. Monday 16th is OK but only if it’s in the morning.

Helo. The morning is fine for me on 16th. 11.00 am in Alnwick somewhere?

Great! Any suggestions?

How about Bari Tea Rooms in Narrowgate? I might not be able to stay long - I think I have nearly double booked myself! But we can plan another meeting later - I’ll bring my diary.

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Sounds good. See you then. Hwyl!