Algorithms, headaches and Spanish - I found the blog again

After a brief pause, I found the blog again - so to wrap up the year, here’s an assessment of 2014, a set of goals for 2015, and a pivot for the blog:



SSiBorg - Resistance is futile! :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for this informative and candid update, Aran.
You and SSi should feel proud of the way you have whizzed past so many milestones in 2014. You are clearly looking forward to the challenges of 2015 as, I’m sure, are all you members/subscribers including me.

Dal ati, ychan

Beth yn $ff$rn yw “SSiBorg”? :blush:

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Diolch o galon i ti Huw :thumbsup:

The SSiBorg is Iestyn’s name for the algorithm - which is, fingers crossed, going to make it possible for us to start producing far, far more courses… :sunny:

Which are the 20 languages Aran?

Ah, now then, that’d be telling…

By which I mean, who knows?! I’m quietly confident we’ll have stuff in Welsh, Spanish, Dutch, Latin and Cornish - beyond that, I think Italian and German look fairly likely, and we’d like to do a Kickstarter for Gaidhlig, Gaeilge, Manx and Breton - I personally demand Basque - I’ve just had someone get in touch to talk about doing something for Chinese - that’s, er, 13?

[Why on earth did I say 20??]

Then we’ll see what sort of stuff happens - we’ve got connections all over the place - I’d love to pick things up with Chickasaw again, and ideally an Australian language - maybe some Bantu languages - if all goes well, we’ll be very likely to take some requests :sunny:

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Could always do a couple of types of Chinese - say, Cantonese, Mandarin and Shanghainese?

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