I thought I was doing quite well untill I reached Challenge 12 and 13. Now my brain doesn’t know whether
it’s Friday or Christmas morning. And it’s nearly time for Challenges 14 and 15. Heeeeeeeeeelp. :roll_eyes:


This is quite a common reaction to 12 & 13. Have you had a look at the comments in Slack? You’ll get a lot of sympathy but also encouragement there, especially from people who reacted the same way as you, but are now several challenges on and can reassure you that by pushing on, you will gradually find that you remember what you’ve been learning in these 2 challenges, and if you come back and have another go at them later, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier they are. Dal ati!


Join the club Rob!! It’s mind-blowing, isn’t it? We’ve all been through it. .Trust me, you will survive! As the saying goes - “Keep calm and carry on”. It’s making you a step nearer to being a Welsh speaker. Congratulations on getting this far.


Yup, it’s totally normal. If you search the forum for Challenge 13 as well as Slack, there are many posts and comments from those who have come before. Dal ati! Keep at it!


Well, to give you some comfort … challenges 12, 13, 14 and 15 of level 1 (you are on Level 1 aren’t you?) are the hardest so there’s not sin to be confused. But, go further. It will all stick after a while thanks to space repetition the course offers us. I was as equally confused as you are now when doing those challenges and I even have beaten myself because of being confused and not remembering everything so don’t repeat my mistake but carry on.


Believe what others have written here, it really does work out once you get through. I’m just about to complete Challenge 17 & am able to look back on those 2 challenges now & realise that they’re becoming as natural to use as some of the earlier, “easier” challenges.


When I first did those, it was terrible - I wrote about it here:

But one year later (basically a couple of weeks ago) I did them again and they were…fun! :smiley:

I mean, still tough, but in a good way: challenging, tricky and an allowed me to realize how much progress I did in one year. :grin:


Yes, it is a bit of a shock! But, as I was told at the time, you will do it and move on to learn more. Take comfort in the facts that, A: Others have found it very difficult and B: those same others have got past it.

Good luck!


I might have made 12 and 13 just slightly more difficult than really necessary… :blush:


With joy, huh? :smile:


You’re a right old devil :imp:
but I’m not going to let you beat me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s the spirit, Rob! He’s a pussycat really!:smile:

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That’s the spirit! :star: :star2:

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Tasks 12 and 13 mashed my brain too. Lesson 25 was tricky but is getting easier as I’m doing as recommended and regularly revisiting it.
Lesson 1, level 2 is having a go at doing the same but I know that I’ll get past it.


Well ahhhhrrrrrrrrrrr from me too. I am finding it difficult to know what level of knowledge / memory is enough to be sure I really should press on to the next challenge . I try to do every challenge twice but that takes an age as I have to always use the pause button to think and to write down the English - cos I will inevitably forget what I am meant to try to say. As a consequence I am running about a week behind. Challenge 12 has almost convinced me I have forgotten all but the most simple stuff we started with and I do struggle to grasp the sentence structure I am trying to say! Am I really supposed to just keep pressing on?
I can usually eventually remember what the Welsh is but the amount of time it takes me to drag the memory to the surface would make it a very long ‘pause’ in a conversation!

Yup, sounds as though you’re doing really well, actually - it’s good to keep the pauses as short as possible (so actually writing down the English is a very bad idea - if the sentence is too long, just do what you can and then listen to the model), but the most important thing is to make sure that you say something in every gap - and you almost certainly don’t need to be repeating every challenge…:slight_smile: