After Level 1...?

Hey everyone this might be a weird question, but since I am just about to finish up with Level 1 of the Northern Welsh I want to know whats the best thing to do next. Of course at first I was thinking just move on to level 2. But would it be more beneficial to use the vocab sessions from the course 1 page to increase my vocal before moving onto level 2? Thanks in advance everybody!

You can’t really go wrong with any of the SSiW material, but the vocab units are the least ‘SSiWy’ of the content and I’d just plough on with Level 2, personally.

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Shwmae Ben!

If you’ve completed Level 1, then move on to Level 2.
The vocab units will only be of benefit if you have completed the old course 1, since there will be words and structures learned from old course 1 used, which may throw you slightly.
If you feel brave enough, theres no harm in giving it a go, but going straight to Level 2 will be the best option.

My experience (although after Course 1 and not Level 1). I’ve done vocabs, but actually had little benefit of them so I’d “listen” to those two experienced guys posting before me and go straight to Level 2 so you’ll have continues learning. Vocabs would really be kind of breaking the stream by my opinion as Courses are structured quite differently to Levels (according to my experiences).

I’d move on to Level 2 :sunny:

And we should get the northern version finished in the not-too-distant future…! Also, make sure you keep doing the listening exercises, ideally on a daily basis :sunny:

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I was thinking about this actually the other day. Are there Level 2 listening exercises yet or should I still be using the last one from Level 1?

Yes to Level 2, but you can always go back and play with the old vocab sessions later on.

Alright thanks everyone I’ll just move onward with level two! And thats awesome that the northern part of level 2 might be finished soon as well (Thanks Aran!). And yeah I have been trying to listen to the listening sessions a couple times a day at least. I was studying in the library the other day and had it playing in the background and somehow it played 30 times in a row haha so i’m not sure if that’s good or bad but it happened lol.

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They’re on their way… in the meantime, yes, the last one from L1 if you can spare 5 minutes a day, the last 2 if you can spare 10, etc… :sunny:

Hey guys sorry to revive this post but now that I have finished with all of level 2 that has been posted so far should I just run through course 1,2,3 from the beginning?

It can’t hurt; you’ll learn other ways of saying things you already know and how to say a few things you didn’t.

Sure, no harm in it - but you won’t have to wait long for a new L2 challenge - I’m seeing one sitting in the ‘Checking’ column at the moment, so it’ll probably be ready for publishing in a few days… :sunny:

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I’m happy! When I finish vocabs of Course 1 it will be just enough material here for me to continue my travelling on main road. Side roads can wait for a while to be explored though. :slight_smile:

Rock ‘n’ Roll! (I don’t believe the Cymraeg expression for this exists as doesn’t the Slovene one. - hehe) offers: “Roc a rôl” :slight_smile:

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Fair enough! You at least have one, we literally don’t (at least from what I know) :slight_smile:

Fair enough - chwarae teg (yn cymraeg dw i’n credu).

Perhaps, during the winter a thread of useful phrases, or sentences that contain correct grammar
would be of use/interest to others (especially me, grammar dunce).
Cheers J.P.

Ti’n gallu agor un ac dechrau! :slight_smile:

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