Advice on starting a Skype study Group

Hi, I’ve managed to persuade a group of friends (we all live miles apart) to start the SSi Welsh course and I’m planning on organising regular Skype sessions for us all to practice.
Has anyone got any advice on how best to manage a group Skype session? do they work? what’s the maximum group size that people find works well? etc.

Diolch yn Fawr
Chris Hickman

Great question - I’ll really look forward to hearing how this goes for you - in the meantime, you might get some valuable input from @elizabeth_jane or @ramblingjohn or @tahl or @lynnbejencks :sunny:

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I think set a time and commit to it, weekly? Monthly? Whatever you decide. Treat it like any regular appointment. You can have up to ten people on Skype. It is good to have a few in the group so you always have a core number of people.

Good luck!