Adventures in cofio

I agree wholeheartedly! Well done, @lari! Dal ati and have fun with Week 2!


Nice to know I’m not alone haha! I find myself writing the sentences down at times to remind me of what to say :smile:


I have chatted to Aran about it and as long as I listen intently and use the writing down as a necessary back up, all seems well. I have just gone through challenge 03 for the first time and was amazed at how much I recalled from challenge 02.

Of course it all feels a bit hazy but considering this is week two, I feel pretty chuffed with what I am starting to do.

Also the latest email sent out by Iestyn (for those on challenge 03) was so encouraging because he is right on the money re learning.

It is quite hard work at times, but I feel as if I have taken my first steps towards a life long goal I previously thought beyond me.