Adnoddau Gwych / Sharing Welsh Resources You've Found Useful Online


I’ll start off… if everyone shares a bit, I’m sure this will be a great thread.

I’ve found some of the following videos useful for practicing recently, especially for listening. I find the Welsh in many videos unclear, but these are exceptions. Very easy to hear the pronunciation and enunciation. Dysgwch yn galed a mwynhewch! Again share more if you have them… diolch!

Please note I’m in the States, and we can’t use clic or most s4c online video resources - they are restricted to UK residents, so this has REALLY been valuable. Some have subtitles - but not all.

Fawr Wythnos Arbed Ynni 2014 (Isdeitlau)

Addysg Drochi

Tafwyl ar Prynhawn Da

Hac Rhys Hartley - is-deitlau


hac holi l andrews rhag 9 isdeitlau

promo rhag 10 isdeitlau

cwestiwn rhag 4

(same videos - with subtitles yn Saesneg :smile: )

eitem dysgwyr hacio rhag 8

cyw isdeitlau

Hacio’r Iaith ar Newyddion BBC Cymru


Cystadleuaeth Miss World 2011

Ffocws ar fwyd

Gwersyll yr Urdd Llangrannog

Gwersyll yr Urdd yng Gaerdydd


Mwy a mwy i chi… :wink:

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I don’t think I’m advanced enough for this to be totally accessible for me yet, but putting it on in the background and sussing out the words I do recognize and just listening to the cadence of the conversations is a fun supplement to the lessons and a way to get the tiniest taste of immersion (coming from the US where we are not likely to come across any actual dialogue happening in real time :slight_smile: )

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Youtube channel VisitSnowdonia has videos, many in two versions, one Cymraeg, the other Saesneg.

Visit Snowdonia, Tywysogion Gwynedd

and the same spoken in English:

Visit Snowdonia Tywysogion Gwynedd, English

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You can listen to Radio Cymru live using the free Tune In radio app I think this works worldwide.


Dim ond un heddiw:

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Welsh Folk Song Lyrics And Chords
Great resource for sing-alongs at Bootcamps… Some songs with video content also.

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