I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of the Add1Challenge – where participants challenge themselves to work on a new language regularly for 90 days with the goal of being able to have a 15-minute conversation with a native (or fluent) speaker at the end of that period, thus “adding” that one language to their repetoire.

I’ve done it before for Turkish. I enjoyed the community and the support.

This round, there are at least two participants who are doing Add1Challenge with Welsh! :slight_smile:

One of them said she was already on the SSiW forum and found it a very friendly atmosphere; the other I’ve told about it.



Yep. There are three of us doing it in Welsh this time which I think is amazing! In my last challenge there were only three active challengers in Spanish, including myself, so I was never expecting a group that big for Welsh. Two out of three of us use SSI and we have both told the other guy that he needs to join :wink: and definitely, you are a very friendly bunch!


I did something similar recently with Swedish - but set myself the challenge of doing it in 7 days!

It was a hell of a week!! Luckily I had the week off work, so I kind of “bootcamped” myself inside my own house.


That sounds crazy :slight_smile: Add1 can be used at any level, I did my last one to break the intermediate plateau in Spanish. Maybe you should join one to keep that Swedish going… use it or lose it :wink:


Croeso, Welcome, Add1ers!! I do hope you like our very old language (hen hen iaith). It would be lovely if you join the world wide community of Welsh learner/speakers! There is one who came due to material needed for a novel, one who had to learn it to be able to take a course in Irish which was taught through the medium of Welsh, one who fell in love with Welsh rugby and wanted to find out about us, many who found they had Welsh ancestors and a lot of us who saw our language as a birthright lost to us by circumstances and needed it for a feeling of completeness. All of us are learning, even some of our teachers. Ask and someone will try to answer!! :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have posted on the forum before. I’m the one who found you all very friendly :slight_smile: I’m up to challenge 11 of level 2 south now, although I’m following the advice and not pausing and very rarely repeating a challenge so I can’t remember it all yet. I got pretty stuck with what the old man and young woman were saying in level one and with what we wanted them to achieve when they spent more time meeting as a group in level two so I had a second attempt at those couple of challenges :slight_smile:


O, ja … quite a trouble for me too. I believe I can’t totally cope with this even now, far ahead of these challenges. One day it just might stick in everything… :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m the mystery 3rd member of the Welsh add1challengers. I’ll post my video of me speaking in Welsh so you can learn a little about me. But I will say my reason for learning Welsh is as henddraig said:

I see our language as a birthright lost to us by circumstances and needed it for a feeling of completeness.

Here’s an introduction video I made:

Willing to have language practice with any welsh speakers/learners. Here is my skype profile, if you want to chat in welsh