Acarbo de comenzar a aprender espanol

Because if I’m already paying for it via the Growth Club, then why not? I started about three hours ago, and did the first five lessons of level 1 (giving myself 5-10 minute breaks in between), followed by listening to the listening practice. Undecided whether I’m going to do another five tomorrow before giving myself a five day break, or whether I’m going to leave them until next week. Towards the middle of lesson 5, I occasionally found myself starting to say the sentence in Welsh instead of Spanish (“I still have more to learn” - “Mae d… wait, that’s not right…”), but never mind…


Great work! I’ve desparately left the whole thing already in Challenge 3 (didn’t even start it) but I know how those mixing things work. I tend to mix everything sometimes mostly starting to put German or English words into Cymraeg sentences and when I try to speak that little Spanish I know I tend to use more Italian words as if I’d speak Italian itself (which slipped out of my memory and slowly gaining way back in). :slight_smile:

If those 5 Challenges were easy task for you then I’d go for another 5 tomorrow if I were you.

That’s the spirit!

Can’t wait to see how you react when we start publishing some Manx… :sunny:


Well, I didn’t manage to find enough time all at once to do the next five, so I did two the the following day, one on Saturday and two more yesterday. I had some trouble making out ha echo and esta haciendo until I looked at the vocabulary list for that lesson - and when my brain started getting tired I started mixing up my Welsh and Spanish again (I nearly said “Mae dal tengo mwy que aprender” at one point…), but otherwise it went fairly well.

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I think getting to that level of tiredness is always a really good thing to achieve - I’ve suspected for years that there’s a point beyond tiredness where the brain finds it easier to accept that you appear not to want to talk your main language… :sunny:

I learnt French as a child through the medium of welsh and still find it easier sometimes to come at french through welsh! how the brain works is so weird!


Well, that’s lessons 11 through 15 out of the way, with a short break for my tea. My head hurts; I’m going to bed…

Buenas noches!

That sounds like someone learning at a healthy speed…:wink:

Well, it’s been a while, but time to get back to this. I can’t remember which lesson I did last, so I’ll probably start around 13-14 and progress from there. If I can get back to five lessons a week, I might well end up finishing this course before the Southern Welsh course gets done ;).


Best of luck Hector, and keep us informed about your progress. The mutual support aspect of the forum is very important I believe - we can all help each other learn this language if we keep in touch. Lets get the forum buzzing! :slight_smile:

Hasta pronto,


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