Aberystwyth: Clwb Clonc in Siop Y Pethe (Weds 11.30 to 12.30)

Hi All,

My wife and I attend a weekly Clwb Clonc at Siop Y Pethe in the centre of town every Wednesday 11-30 to 12-30 (although a few of us tend to stay on for an extra half hour and chat)

The sessions are bit different to other Clwb Clonc sessions I’ve attended because the shop try and get a guest speaker in every week (previous weeks have included Megan from Golwg/Newydd Lingo and Valeriane Leblond - a French illustrator who moved to Ceredigion in 2007 and has since learnt Welsh). Next week we have Welsh language author Sarah Reynolds coming.

It’s great fun, a great way to meet other Welsh speakers in and around the town and is a nice friendly environment to be around.

I only attend, but if you require more info - feel free to visit the Siop Y Pethe twitter @siopypethe

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Is this in the weekly email already, @Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t know about this one. It sounds great!
Are you happy to be the SSiW contact person for that one, @Nicky? If so, I’ll add it to the list at the end of the weekly email.

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Hi @Deborah-SSi

This is a very new one, so yes :slight_smile:

I’ll happily be the contact as I don’t think the organiser is on here.


Every Wednesday 11.30am to 12.30pm.
Siop Y Pethe,
3 Sgwar Owain Glyndwr,

There is another Clwb Clonc which is already on the list that runs on Thursdays in Home Cafe - and that is still going and separate to this one.


What is a Clwb Clonc exactly?

It translates as “Chat Club” I believe.

Loosely speaking (as all are a bit different) its a collection of people (mostly learners) who get together and practice speaking Welsh with each other. Some of them have a few fluent speakers, some of them are all total beginners.

Some take the form of just a couple of friends meeting in a cafe or a pub and having a chat, some have a bit more direction about them (i.e the chat subject is pre-agreed so that people can work out in advance what they loosely want to say).

All in all, a great chance to practice the language! :slight_smile:


Da iawn! Diolch :slight_smile:

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@Nicky I’m often in Aber so if I happen to be there on a Wednesday, I’d like to come along to the Clwb clonc. Possibly there next Wednesday actually.

From Sir Gâr


HI @phil_sewell it would be great to see you!

Admittedly I can’t remember who next week’s guest is but when I find out I’ll let you know.

Just head into the shop. We take over most of the ground floor. Can’t miss it!

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Diolch @Nicky

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I’m planning to come to the Clwb Clonc, and I just wanted to check it was on this week?



Hi Carys,

They are still running through the Summer.

I won’t be there tomorrow as I’m away with work in London - my wife Lara should be there as well though.

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Hi Nicky,

Thanks for getting back to me - looking forward to it!