A word, phrase or sentence—whatever you like


A long time ago in a galaxy far away, aka Splott, Cardiff, one of our teachers used to show the class a picture then ask us to write a word, phrase or sentence about it—the first thought that came to mind. Want to give it a try—in Welsh or English, (with translation or a request for help with the latter)?

Most weeks during the COVID crisis I have tried to paint a picture—mainly memories of Wales, so here goes—an easy one to start :thinking:



Hoffwn i fynd i Gymru eto i weld castell fel hwn.
I’d like to go to Wales again to see a castle like this.

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Da iawn!

I took a bit of artistic license because it was pouring down when we visited Caernarfon (from Vancouver) last year for the SSiW anniversary.

Diolch yn fawr,

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Wow, thats fantastic!

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Dw i’n meddwl bod hi’n prydferth. Da iawn ti. Gwych.

Dw i’n meddwl bo’ ti’n garedig iawn, diolch yn fawr!

Thank you so much Charlie.

It was an experiment—not my usual style, but a good stress-buster. And yours?

Sut mae Marilyn,
Dyma fy ngardd. Mae hi wedi bod yn noddfa i ni yn “y lockdown”. Dw i’n trio gwneud hi mor cyfeillgar â phosib i’r pryfed. Mae gyda ni “gwesty gwenyn” a llawer o blodyn gwyllt. Hoffen i wneud “gwesty pryf” a pwll nesa!

That should hopefully say: This is my garden. It has been a refuge for us in the lockdown. I’m trying to make it as friendly as possible for the insects. We have a bee hotel and lots of wildflowers. I would like to make a bug hotel and a pond next!

Sut mae @charlie-o
Mae dy ardd di’n hyfryd. Byddai’n syniad da gwneud “gwesty pryf”. Mae “gwesty pryf” gyda fy merch ac mae’n llawn gwenyn sy’n torri dail. Mae tyllau yn y dail ei phlanhigion gwyddfid. Does dim ots gyda hi.
Your garden is lovely. It would be a good idea to make a “bug hotel”. My daughter has a “bug hotel” and it is full of bees that cut leaves. There are holes in the leaves of her Honeysuckle plants. She doesn’t mind.

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Shwmae @MarilynHames,

your picture is such a beautiful piece of art!
My first thought: Hidden rooms and passageways, waiting to be discovered!

Am ardd brydferth a syniadau gwych. Da Iawn!

What a beautiful garden and great idea. Well done!

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Thank you–I am now exploring all those hidden places in my mind’s eye. What an intriguing plan given that we are stuck in over here in Vancouver.

Dw i aelod o Cadw - y castell Caernarfon adeiladwyd gan brenin Edward cyntaf o Loegr.
Mae Pennant wedi ysgrifennu ‘the magnificent badges of our subjection.’

Such a great idea … but, woops, I thought the castle was Cardiff … great picture … I’m going away to work on this … Diolch yn fawr Marilyn